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Bergen, New Jersey



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ackerman, Abigail Abramse  19 January 1685Bergen, New Jersey I95867 Schirado 
2 Ackerman, David  11 May 1684Bergen, New Jersey I95770 Schirado 
3 Ackerman, Egbert  about 1685Bergen, New Jersey I71633 Schirado 
4 Aeltse, Annetje  1 May 1696Bergen, New Jersey I71595 Schirado 
5 Andriesse, Sara  16 September 1691Bergen, New Jersey I179554 Schirado 
6 Bogart, Rachel  about April 1682Bergen, New Jersey I71876 Schirado 
7 Breyant, Cornelis  about April 1676Bergen, New Jersey I96192 Schirado 
8 Brinckerhoff, Claasje  31 December 1710Bergen, New Jersey I71936 Schirado 
9 Brinckerhoff, Hendrik  about 1712Bergen, New Jersey I71940 Schirado 
10 Brinckerhoff, Marritje  27 February 1709Bergen, New Jersey I71429 Schirado 
11 Brouwer, Abram Hildrickse  9 March 1701Bergen, New Jersey I95791 Schirado 
12 Brouwer, Isaac  Bergen, New Jersey I72693 Schirado 
13 Buys, Jacob  about October 1686Bergen, New Jersey I100410 Schirado 
14 Buys, Pieter Ariense  about December 1679Bergen, New Jersey I20561 Schirado 
15 Cadmus, Andries Frederiks  about January 1679Bergen, New Jersey I71447 Schirado 
16 Cadmus, Arien  13 November 1693Bergen, New Jersey I108796 Schirado 
17 Cadmus, Catrintje  27 May 1738Bergen, New Jersey I71649 Schirado 
18 Cuyper, Annetje  about June 1698Bergen, New Jersey I72414 Schirado 
19 Cuyper, Claes  about November 1696Bergen, New Jersey I72413 Schirado 
20 Cuyper, Geesje  16 March 1695Bergen, New Jersey I72411 Schirado 
21 Day, Jacob William  11 May 1695Bergen, New Jersey I95291 Schirado 
22 Demarest, Rachel  about June 1680Bergen, New Jersey I22014 Schirado 
23 De Groot, Annatje Janse  about June 1700Bergen, New Jersey I71642 Schirado 
24 De Groot, Eegie  15 November 1698Bergen, New Jersey I95702 Schirado 
25 De Mott, Antje  about 1711Bergen, New Jersey I71934 Schirado 
26 De Mott, Clasje  about 1706Bergen, New Jersey I71931 Schirado 
27 De Mott, Hendrick  7 April 1715Bergen, New Jersey I71604 Schirado 
28 De Mott, Jacob  about 1720Bergen, New Jersey I71938 Schirado 
29 De Mott, Johannes  about 1716Bergen, New Jersey I71909 Schirado 
30 De Mott, Joris  about 1718Bergen, New Jersey I71937 Schirado 
31 De Mott, Marreytje  about 1723Bergen, New Jersey I71939 Schirado 
32 De Mott, Michael  7 August 1708Bergen, New Jersey I71933 Schirado 
33 Diedricks, Anatje  11 September 1740Bergen, New Jersey I96446 Schirado 
34 Diedricks, Annentje  about July 1697Bergen, New Jersey I96316 Schirado 
35 Diedricks, Antje  27 October 1700Bergen, New Jersey I96317 Schirado 
36 Diedricks, Cornelis  about December 1702Bergen, New Jersey I96318 Schirado 
37 Diedricks, Gerrit  19 September 1695Bergen, New Jersey I96315 Schirado 
38 Diedricks, Jacob  about September 1708Bergen, New Jersey I96320 Schirado 
39 Diedricks, Johannes  about February 1694Bergen, New Jersey I96314 Schirado 
40 Diedricks, Margrietje  7 October 1705Bergen, New Jersey I96319 Schirado 
41 Doremus, Hendrick  May 1695Bergen, New Jersey I152636 Schirado 
42 Dyckman, Nicholas  about 1692Bergen, New Jersey I143996 Schirado 
43 Gerrebrantse, Catharina  about October 1721Bergen, New Jersey I71823 Schirado 
44 Gerrebrantse, Cornelis  about October 1728Bergen, New Jersey I71826 Schirado 
45 Gerrebrantse, Garrabrant  about 1719Bergen, New Jersey I71835 Schirado 
46 Gerrebrantse, Gerbrant  16 April 1696Bergen, New Jersey I71656 Schirado 
47 Gerrebrantse, Gerrebrant  about September 1723Bergen, New Jersey I71824 Schirado 
48 Gerrebrantse, Grietje  about 1721Bergen, New Jersey I71836 Schirado 
49 Gerrebrantse, Herpert  about 1679Bergen, New Jersey I71766 Schirado 
50 Gerrebrantse, Jacob  about 1717Bergen, New Jersey I71834 Schirado 
51 Gerrebrantse, Metje  30 March 1724Bergen, New Jersey I71837 Schirado 
52 Gerrebrantse, Myndert  1 September 1740Bergen, New Jersey I71839 Schirado 
53 Gerrebrantse, Neeltje  6 June 1733Bergen, New Jersey I71827 Schirado 
54 Gerrebrantse, Teunis  about April 1726Bergen, New Jersey I71825 Schirado 
55 Hellingh, Diever Hendrickse  about 1677Bergen, New Jersey I95662 Schirado 
56 Hessels, Vrouwtje  28 August 1691Bergen, New Jersey I65897 Schirado 
57 Hoppe, Andries  2 April 1684Bergen, New Jersey I137327 Schirado 
58 Hoppe, Andries Hendrikse  about December 1680Bergen, New Jersey I95866 Schirado 
59 Kuyper, Nicolas  about April 1689Bergen, New Jersey I22250 Schirado 
60 Marselis, Helena  11 August 1699Bergen, New Jersey I64559 Schirado 
61 Merselis, (a daughter)  about 1732Bergen, New Jersey I71860 Schirado 
62 Merselis, Andries  about 1725Bergen, New Jersey I71859 Schirado 
63 Merselis, Annetje  25 March 1694Bergen, New Jersey I71497 Schirado 
64 Merselis, Antje  about 1735Bergen, New Jersey I71861 Schirado 
65 Merselis, Catreyna  17 November 1696Bergen, New Jersey I71757 Schirado 
66 Merselis, Edo  27 January 1728Bergen, New Jersey I71856 Schirado 
67 Merselis, Hillegontje  27 September 1684Bergen, New Jersey I71496 Schirado 
68 Merselis, Ide  about September 1690Bergen, New Jersey I71771 Schirado 
69 Merselis, Johanna  17 January 1737Bergen, New Jersey I72188 Schirado 
70 Merselis, Pieter  about 1723Bergen, New Jersey I71858 Schirado 
71 Oosteroom, Tryntje  20 June 1684Bergen, New Jersey I71316 Schirado 
72 Pieterse, Marretje  about 1677Bergen, New Jersey I71378 Schirado 
73 Post, (infant son)  2 April 1684Bergen, New Jersey I71319 Schirado 
74 Post, Adrian  about March 1692Bergen, New Jersey I71519 Schirado 
75 Post, Adrian A.  24 January 1678Bergen, New Jersey I71297 Schirado 
76 Post, Annetie  about 1685Bergen, New Jersey I71320 Schirado 
77 Post, Claertje  4 December 1681Bergen, New Jersey I71312 Schirado 
78 Post, Gerrit  1 January 1680Bergen, New Jersey I71237 Schirado 
79 Post, Hendrick  about 1698Bergen, New Jersey I71727 Schirado 
80 Post, Johannes  about June 1689Bergen, New Jersey I71321 Schirado 
81 Post, Johannes  about 1696Bergen, New Jersey I71726 Schirado 
82 Post, Pieter  about April 1688Bergen, New Jersey I71323 Schirado 
83 Poulus, Fitje  Bergen, New Jersey I95359 Schirado 
84 Preyer, Jenneke  ca 1698/9Bergen, New Jersey I71768 Schirado 
85 Preyer, Johannis  22 June 1722Bergen, New Jersey I179552 Schirado 
86 Riddenhars, Gertrude  about April 1701Bergen, New Jersey I96451 Schirado 
87 Riddenhars, Hendrick  14 January 1703Bergen, New Jersey I22311 Schirado 
88 Riddenhars, Jan  6 September 1699Bergen, New Jersey I96450 Schirado 
89 Riddenhars, Sofia  about January 1698Bergen, New Jersey I96449 Schirado 
90 Sickels, (infant child)  November 1731Bergen, New Jersey I96432 Schirado 
91 Sickels, Abraham  25 August 1754Bergen, New Jersey I96434 Schirado 
92 Sickels, Abram  12 November 1711Bergen, New Jersey I96420 Schirado 
93 Sickels, Daniel  10 August 1737Bergen, New Jersey I96433 Schirado 
94 Sickels, Elizabeth  about August 1707Bergen, New Jersey I96419 Schirado 
95 Sickels, Geertruy  26 October 1722Bergen, New Jersey I179551 Schirado 
96 Sickels, Geertruy  about February 1729Bergen, New Jersey I96431 Schirado 
97 Sickels, Geertruyt  10 September 1699Bergen, New Jersey I95520 Schirado 
98 Sickels, Hartman  about December 1728Bergen, New Jersey I96430 Schirado 
99 Sickels, Johannis  2 June 1702Bergen, New Jersey I96415 Schirado 
100 Sickels, Maritje  14 April 1697Bergen, New Jersey I71350 Schirado 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elisabeth  Jul/Aug 1680Bergen, New Jersey I71255 Schirado 
2 Adriaens, Maritje  about December 1702Bergen, New Jersey I100649 Schirado 
3 Beekman, Catharina  3 February 1734Bergen, New Jersey I71324 Schirado 
4 Bogart, Classje Cornelise  1708Bergen, New Jersey I71253 Schirado 
5 Bogart, Cornelise Janse  18 May 1681Bergen, New Jersey I71264 Schirado 
6 Brinckerhoff, Claasje  21 May 1787Bergen, New Jersey I71936 Schirado 
7 Brinckerhoff, Cornelis Hendrickse  1 September 1770Bergen, New Jersey I71430 Schirado 
8 Brinckerhoff, Hendrick Jorissen  25 February 1708Bergen, New Jersey I71252 Schirado 
9 Brinckerhoff, Hendrik  12 August 1795Bergen, New Jersey I71940 Schirado 
10 Brinckerhoff, Margrietje Hendrickse  12 December 1754Bergen, New Jersey I71929 Schirado 
11 Cadmus, Frederick Thomasen  8 November 1745Bergen, New Jersey I96484 Schirado 
12 Cadmus, Geerturydt Frederiks  27 October 1731Bergen, New Jersey I96483 Schirado 
13 Cadmus, Joris  2 April 1781Bergen, New Jersey I71646 Schirado 
14 Cadmus, Thomas Frederickszen  about May 1702Bergen, New Jersey I100631 Schirado 
15 Claes, Marritje  October 1714Bergen, New Jersey I71261 Schirado 
16 Claesen, Andries  7 August 1710Bergen, New Jersey I71775 Schirado 
17 Claesen, Ariaen  5 April 1703Bergen, New Jersey I96599 Schirado 
18 Claesen, Capt. Gerbrant  June 1703Bergen, New Jersey I71260 Schirado 
19 Commenga, Rachel  18 September 1772Bergen, New Jersey I72192 Schirado 
20 Daniels, Aeltje  June 1692Bergen, New Jersey I71966 Schirado 
21 De Mott, Geesje  11 April 1744Bergen, New Jersey I72029 Schirado 
22 De Mott, Jacob  23 August 1789Bergen, New Jersey I71938 Schirado 
23 De Mott, Joris  9 October 1800Bergen, New Jersey I71937 Schirado 
24 De Mott, Michael  16 November 1799Bergen, New Jersey I71933 Schirado 
25 Diedricks, Annentje  December 1699Bergen, New Jersey I96316 Schirado 
26 Diedricks, Antje  19 September 1780Bergen, New Jersey I96317 Schirado 
27 Diedricks, Johannes  3 November 1772Bergen, New Jersey I96314 Schirado 
28 Diedricks, Wander  13 August 1732Bergen, New Jersey I96311 Schirado 
29 Gerrebrantse, (a son)  October 1685Bergen, New Jersey I71805 Schirado 
30 Gerrebrantse, (infant child)  April 1711Bergen, New Jersey I71810 Schirado 
31 Gerrebrantse, Cornelis  23 February 1774Bergen, New Jersey I71818 Schirado 
32 Gerrebrantse, Gerbrant  September 1697Bergen, New Jersey I71656 Schirado 
33 Gerrebrantse, Gerrebrant  29 December 1786Bergen, New Jersey I71824 Schirado 
34 Gerrebrantse, Meyndert  5 May 1781Bergen, New Jersey I71829 Schirado 
35 Gerrebrantse, Neeltje  3 August 1776Bergen, New Jersey I71827 Schirado 
36 Gerrits, Elysabet  February 1728Bergen, New Jersey I71618 Schirado 
37 Gerrits, Tijedtske  May 1666Bergen, New Jersey I37680 Schirado 
38 Gysbertszen, Lubbert van Blarcom  ca 1654/1656Bergen, New Jersey I94558 Schirado 
39 Hermanse, Annetje  September 1696Bergen, New Jersey I71407 Schirado 
40 Hesselse, Pieter  August 1688Bergen, New Jersey I71583 Schirado 
41 Hoppe, Catharina  8 May 1716Bergen, New Jersey I96485 Schirado 
42 Jacobs, Trintje  May 1677Bergen, New Jersey I95232 Schirado 
43 Kuyper, Dirck Claesen  January 1692Bergen, New Jersey I71443 Schirado 
44 Kuyper, Hendrick Claesen  16 March 1756Bergen, New Jersey I71444 Schirado 
45 Kuyper, Vrouwtje Claesen  9 November 1688Bergen, New Jersey I71437 Schirado 
46 Lubi, Anna  20 December 1685Bergen, New Jersey I96325 Schirado 
47 Lubi, Jacob  June 1691Bergen, New Jersey I71676 Schirado 
48 Meet, Pieter Jansen  about 1697Bergen, New Jersey I22176 Schirado 
49 Merselis, Marselis Pieterse  23 October 1747Bergen, New Jersey I71231 Schirado 
50 Merselis, Pieter  September 1682Bergen, New Jersey I71254 Schirado 
51 Merselis, Pieter  1 April 1770Bergen, New Jersey I71767 Schirado 
52 Meyer, Cornelis Johannis  about 12 October 1699Bergen, New Jersey I72482 Schirado 
53 Moockers, Claretje  4 December 1675Bergen, New Jersey I71301 Schirado 
54 Post, (infant son)  2 April 1684Bergen, New Jersey I71319 Schirado 
55 Post, Adrian Adriansen  October 1690Bergen, New Jersey I71298 Schirado 
56 Post, Adrian Crijnen  18 February 1677Bergen, New Jersey I71300 Schirado 
57 Post, Annetie  October 1690Bergen, New Jersey I71320 Schirado 
58 Post, Samuel  before 30 March 1732Bergen, New Jersey I96338 Schirado 
59 Poulus, Fitje  20 September 1732Bergen, New Jersey I95359 Schirado 
60 Pouwelse, Pieter  18 December 1702Bergen, New Jersey I108490 Schirado 
61 Preyer, Andries  16 November 1698Bergen, New Jersey I71769 Schirado 
62 Preyer, Jenneke  3 October 1779Bergen, New Jersey I71768 Schirado 
63 Riddenhars, Hendrick  24 April 1703Bergen, New Jersey I22311 Schirado 
64 Sickels, (infant child)  28 November 1731Bergen, New Jersey I96432 Schirado 
65 Sickels, Geertruy  14 December 1783Bergen, New Jersey I96431 Schirado 
66 Sickels, Henricus  20 January 1777Bergen, New Jersey I96418 Schirado 
67 Sickels, Robert  27 December 1729Bergen, New Jersey I71351 Schirado 
68 Sickels, Zacherias  18 August 1775Bergen, New Jersey I95521 Schirado 
69 Sip, Adrian Hendrickse  August 1664Bergen, New Jersey I71291 Schirado 
70 Sip, Catlyntje  25 September 1759Bergen, New Jersey I96161 Schirado 
71 Sip, Garrit  1 October 1775Bergen, New Jersey I72195 Schirado 
72 Sip, Ide Janse  about February 1762Bergen, New Jersey I71488 Schirado 
73 Sip, Johannes Arianse  12 August 1729Bergen, New Jersey I71290 Schirado 
74 Spier, Jannetje Teunise  26 November 1771Bergen, New Jersey I71819 Schirado 
75 Steynmets, Arientje  June 1695Bergen, New Jersey I95513 Schirado 
76 Steynmets, Benjamin  March 1691Bergen, New Jersey I72386 Schirado 
77 Steynmets, Johannes  20 March 1709Bergen, New Jersey I72302 Schirado 
78 Straetmaker, Rachel  March 1708Bergen, New Jersey I95360 Schirado 
79 Taelman, Dowe Harmansen  June 1687Bergen, New Jersey I38206 Schirado 
80 Terhune, Elizabeth  1 June 1811Bergen, New Jersey I95424 Schirado 
81 Theunis, Magdaleentje  4 September 1711Bergen, New Jersey I95766 Schirado 
82 Van Groenland, Dircktje Cornelese  October 1698Bergen, New Jersey I71251 Schirado 
83 Van Wagenen, Aeltje Gerritse  22 December 1754Bergen, New Jersey I71410 Schirado 
84 Van Wagenen, Annatje  28 February 1782Bergen, New Jersey I71755 Schirado 
85 Van Wagenen, Antje Johannisz  25 January 1750Bergen, New Jersey I71420 Schirado 
86 Van Wagenen, Elisabeth Gerritse  January 1707Bergen, New Jersey I72312 Schirado 
87 Van Wagenen, Feytje Gerrits  19 May 1734Bergen, New Jersey I71287 Schirado 
88 Van Wagenen, Gerrit Gerritse  9 October 1732Bergen, New Jersey I71348 Schirado 
89 Van Wagenen, Gerrit Johannisz  21 August 1738Bergen, New Jersey I71489 Schirado 
90 Van Wagenen, Helmigh Johannisz  19 July 1747Bergen, New Jersey I71421 Schirado 
91 Van Wagenen, Jacob Gerritse  23 September 1775Bergen, New Jersey I71419 Schirado 
92 Van Wagenen, Lea Gerritse  3 January 1710Bergen, New Jersey I72317 Schirado 
93 Van Winkle, (infant son)  about 21 April 1692Bergen, New Jersey I95316 Schirado 
94 Van Winkle, Daniel Jacobse  10 January 1757Bergen, New Jersey I95312 Schirado 
95 Van Winkle, Hendrick Jacobse  28 May 1767Bergen, New Jersey I95317 Schirado 
96 Van Winkle, Jacob Jacobse  20 November 1724Bergen, New Jersey I71831 Schirado 
97 Van Winkle, Rachel  1 October 1778Bergen, New Jersey I96428 Schirado 
98 Van Winkle, Trintje Jacobse  21 July 1753Bergen, New Jersey I71830 Schirado 
99 Van Wykersloot, Sophia  September 1710Bergen, New Jersey I96365 Schirado 
100 Vanderbilt, Jan Aertz  2 February 1705Bergen, New Jersey I108697 Schirado 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adriaens, Maritje  10 December 1702Bergen, New Jersey I100649 Schirado 
2 Brinckerhoff, Cornelia Hendrickse  7 September 1707Bergen, New Jersey I71506 Schirado 
3 Brinckerhoff, Cornelis Hendrickse  3 September 1770Bergen, New Jersey I71430 Schirado 
4 Brinckerhoff, Margrietje Hendrickse  15 December 1754Bergen, New Jersey I71929 Schirado 
5 Cadmus, Joris  4 April 1781Bergen, New Jersey I71646 Schirado 
6 Cadmus, Thomas Frederickszen  19 May 1702Bergen, New Jersey I100631 Schirado 
7 Claesen, Andries  11 August 1710Bergen, New Jersey I71775 Schirado 
8 Claesen, Capt. Gerbrant  19 June 1703Bergen, New Jersey I71260 Schirado 
9 Commenga, Rachel  19 September 1772Bergen, New Jersey I72192 Schirado 
10 Daniels, Aeltje  2 June 1692Bergen, New Jersey I71966 Schirado 
11 De Mott, Clasje  6 March 1788Bergen, New Jersey I71931 Schirado 
12 De Mott, Matthys Michaels  20 March 1656Bergen, New Jersey I71930 Schirado 
13 Diedricks, Annentje  26 December 1699Bergen, New Jersey I96316 Schirado 
14 Diedricks, Johannes  5 November 1722Bergen, New Jersey I96314 Schirado 
15 Diedricks, Wander  15 August 1732Bergen, New Jersey I96311 Schirado 
16 Gerrebrantse, (a son)  17 October 1685Bergen, New Jersey I71805 Schirado 
17 Gerrebrantse, (infant child)  19 April 1711Bergen, New Jersey I71810 Schirado 
18 Gerrebrantse, Gerrebrant  20 December 1786Bergen, New Jersey I71824 Schirado 
19 Gerrebrantse, Meyndert  6 May 1781Bergen, New Jersey I71829 Schirado 
20 Gerrebrantse, Neeltje  4 August 1776Bergen, New Jersey I71827 Schirado 
21 Gerrits, Elysabet  February 1728Bergen, New Jersey I71618 Schirado 
22 Hermanse, Annetje  7 September 1696Bergen, New Jersey I71407 Schirado 
23 Hesselse, Pieter  30 August 1668Bergen, New Jersey I71583 Schirado 
24 Jacobs, Trintje  12 May 1677Bergen, New Jersey I95232 Schirado 
25 Kuyper, Hendrick Claesen  18 March 1756Bergen, New Jersey I71444 Schirado 
26 Lubi, Jacob  11 June 1691Bergen, New Jersey I71676 Schirado 
27 Merselis, Marselis Pieterse  26 October 1747Bergen, New Jersey I71231 Schirado 
28 Merselis, Pieter  3 April 1770Bergen, New Jersey I71767 Schirado 
29 Meyer, Dirckje Janse  5 October 1688Bergen, New Jersey I72232 Schirado 
30 Post, Adrian Adriansen  31 October 1690Bergen, New Jersey I71298 Schirado 
31 Poulus, Fitje  22 September 1732Bergen, New Jersey I95359 Schirado 
32 Preyer, Jenneke  5 October 1779Bergen, New Jersey I71768 Schirado 
33 Riddenhars, Willem  13 December 1689Bergen, New Jersey I96482 Schirado 
34 Sickels, Robert  29 December 1729Bergen, New Jersey I71351 Schirado 
35 Sickels, Zacherias  20 August 1775Bergen, New Jersey I95521 Schirado 
36 Sip, Adriaen  Bergen, New Jersey I71353 Schirado 
37 Sip, Catlyntje  Bergen, New Jersey I96161 Schirado 
38 Sip, Ide Janse  28 February 1762Bergen, New Jersey I71488 Schirado 
39 Steynmets, Arientje  2 June 1695Bergen, New Jersey I95513 Schirado 
40 Steynmets, Benjamin  28 March 1691Bergen, New Jersey I72386 Schirado 
41 Steynmets, Gerrit  19 November 1730Bergen, New Jersey I72173 Schirado 
42 Straetmaker, Rachel  12 March 1708Bergen, New Jersey I95360 Schirado 
43 Taelman, Dowe Harmansen  19 June 1687Bergen, New Jersey I38206 Schirado 
44 Theunis, Magdaleentje  6 September 1711Bergen, New Jersey I95766 Schirado 
45 Van Groenland, Dircktje Cornelese  17 October 1698Bergen, New Jersey I71251 Schirado 
46 Van Wagenen, Aeltje Gerritse  24 December 1754Bergen, New Jersey I71410 Schirado 
47 Van Wagenen, Annatje  2 March 1782Bergen, New Jersey I71755 Schirado 
48 Van Wagenen, Elisabeth Gerritse  24 January 1707Bergen, New Jersey I72312 Schirado 
49 Van Wagenen, Gerrit Gerritse  11 October 1732Bergen, New Jersey I71348 Schirado 
50 Van Wagenen, Gerrit Gerritszen  6 April 1703Bergen, New Jersey I71406 Schirado 
51 Van Wagenen, Jacob Gerritse  25 September 1775Bergen, New Jersey I71419 Schirado 
52 Van Wagenen, Johannes Gerritse  8 October 1756Bergen, New Jersey I71347 Schirado 
53 Van Winkle, (infant son)  21 April 1692Bergen, New Jersey I95316 Schirado 
54 Van Winkle, Geertruy  22 August 1736Bergen, New Jersey I96355 Schirado 
55 Van Winkle, Hendrick Jacobse  30 May 1767Bergen, New Jersey I95317 Schirado 
56 Van Winkle, Rachel  3 October 1778Bergen, New Jersey I96428 Schirado 
57 Van Winkle, Trintje Jacobse  22 July 1753Bergen, New Jersey I71830 Schirado 
58 Van Wykersloot, Sophia  16 September 1710Bergen, New Jersey I96365 Schirado 
59 Van Giesen, Gysbetje  6 May 1673Bergen, New Jersey I71783 Schirado 
60 Van Giesen, Jacob  17 April 1704Bergen, New Jersey I71782 Schirado 
61 Van Giesen, Reynier  18 May 1693Bergen, New Jersey I71507 Schirado 
62 Van Giesen, Reynier  26 March 1703Bergen, New Jersey I71509 Schirado 
63 Van Giesen, Reynier Sebastiaenszen  15 May 1707Bergen, New Jersey I71250 Schirado 
64 Van Hoorn, Jannetje  28 November 1771Bergen, New Jersey I72245 Schirado 
65 Van Houten, (infant child)  29 May 1684Bergen, New Jersey I71681 Schirado 
66 Van Houten, Catelyntje Helmighse  8 September 1777Bergen, New Jersey I71341 Schirado 
67 Van Houten, Vrouwtje  25 August 1689Bergen, New Jersey I71385 Schirado 
68 Van Ness, Gerritje Cornelisse  11 September 1689Bergen, New Jersey I71271 Schirado 
69 Van Oosten, Beelijte Dircks  21 May 1745Bergen, New Jersey I71751 Schirado 
70 Van Riper, Cornelis  16 September 1740Bergen, New Jersey I96191 Schirado 
71 Van Riper, Elizabeth Gerritse  20 November 1767Bergen, New Jersey I71749 Schirado 
72 Van Riper, Juriaen Gerritse  29 July 1739Bergen, New Jersey I96358 Schirado 
73 Van Riper, Lea Gerritze  20 December 1775Bergen, New Jersey I71427 Schirado 
74 Van Vorst, Hillegont  31 January 1710Bergen, New Jersey I72175 Schirado 
75 Van Vorst, Ide Corneliszen  28 December 1683Bergen, New Jersey I71256 Schirado 
76 Van Vorst, Pieterje  Bergen, New Jersey I71232 Schirado 
77 Verkerck, Jannetje  3 April 1772Bergen, New Jersey I71445 Schirado 
78 Vreeland, Achtje Cornelese  14 August 1708Bergen, New Jersey I71336 Schirado 
79 Vreeland, Aechetie Hartmanse  23 February 1761Bergen, New Jersey I71431 Schirado 
80 Vreeland, Ariantje Hartmanse  4 December 1731Bergen, New Jersey I96427 Schirado 
81 Vreeland, Enoch Michielsen  August 1724Bergen, New Jersey I72231 Schirado 
82 Vreeland, Hartman Michielsen  18 January 1707Bergen, New Jersey I71735 Schirado 
83 Vreeland, Hester  11 June 1777Bergen, New Jersey I96356 Schirado 
84 Vreeland, Jacobus  20 September 1668Bergen, New Jersey I95299 Schirado 
85 Vreeland, Jannetje  14 November 1766Bergen, New Jersey I71565 Schirado 
86 Vreeland, Johannis Johannissen  13 February 1783Bergen, New Jersey I96357 Schirado 
87 Vreeland, Johannis Michielsen  29 July 1713Bergen, New Jersey I71479 Schirado 
88 Vreeland, Michael Hartmanse  8 April 1766Bergen, New Jersey I71748 Schirado 
89 Vreeland, Rachel  7 April 1675Bergen, New Jersey I95302 Schirado 
90 Wessels, Fitje Hartmans  17 October 1797Bergen, New Jersey I71732 Schirado 
91 Wessels, Greitje  20 November 1697Bergen, New Jersey I72336 Schirado 
92 Winne, Marten  8 July 1737Bergen, New Jersey I72249 Schirado 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andriesse, Sara  5 October 1691Bergen, New Jersey I179554 Schirado 
2 Buys, Jacob  11 October 1686Bergen, New Jersey I100410 Schirado 
3 Hoppe, Abram  29 May 1710Bergen, New Jersey I137308 Schirado 
4 Van Nieuwkirk, Gerretje Mattheuse  23 June 1673Bergen, New Jersey I72227 Schirado 
5 Van Nieuwkirk, Jacomyntje Mattheus  2 April 1678Bergen, New Jersey I109282 Schirado 
6 Van Riper, Aeltje Juriansen  2 April 1684Bergen, New Jersey I109275 Schirado 
7 Van Riper, Grietje  5 October 1691Bergen, New Jersey I109297 Schirado 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family/Spouse    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cadmus / Hooms  11 April 1704Bergen, New Jersey F71425 Schirado 
2 Preyer / Andriesse  13 March 1714Bergen, New Jersey F118337 Schirado 
3 Preyer / Sickels  14 June 1745Bergen, New Jersey F118336 Schirado 
4 Vandervoort / Coerten  23 July 1670Bergen, New Jersey F71412 Schirado 
5 Van Nieuwkirk / Lubi  14 December 1670Bergen, New Jersey F63343 Schirado 
6 Van Riper / Van Nieuwkirk  7 July 1695Bergen, New Jersey F48944 Schirado 
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