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Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI



Matches 1 to 59 of 59

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 BALDWIN, Marvin Chester  5 February 2001Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2930 Marcia Shears 
2 BALDWIN, Thomas Everett  1 April 1978Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2932 Marcia Shears 
3 BUGG, Donald V.  1972Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I6568 Marcia Shears 
4 BUGG, Edward L.  15 March 2000Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I5909 Marcia Shears 
5 BUGG, Eleanor Dorothy  March 1996Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2487 Marcia Shears 
6 BUGG, Harry Jay  1967Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I5908 Marcia Shears 
7 BUGG, Leroy K.  1948Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2451 Marcia Shears 
8 BUGG, Leroy Richard  1947Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I6571 Marcia Shears 
9 BUGG, Orville E.  March 1967Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2448 Marcia Shears 
10 BUGG, Vernon  1976Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I6593 Marcia Shears 
11 CONRAD, Carrie Leota  1970Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I5935 Marcia Shears 
12 DEJARLAIS, Dona Lee  June 1937Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2404 Marcia Shears 
13 DEJARLAIS, Harry James  10 April 1989Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2403 Marcia Shears 
14 DEJARLAIS, Julia M.  28 July 1978Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I6139 Marcia Shears 
15 FULLERTON, Eliza Jane  21 March 1936Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2394 Marcia Shears 
16 HENSEY, Wanda M.  10 April 2000Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I6136 Marcia Shears 
17 HENSEY, William Axel  January 1942Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I6062 Marcia Shears 
18 JACQUES, Lewis William  12 December 1989Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2705 Marcia Shears 
19 JACQUES, Norman Paul  Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2486 Marcia Shears 
20 KINGSLEY, Lois Manatie  23 August 1990Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I5170 Marcia Shears 
21 LAFORGE, Edward  June 1962Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I5906 Marcia Shears 
22 LAFORGE, Thomas  14 August 1957Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2429 Marcia Shears 
23 LAFORGE, William E.  June 1978Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2299 Marcia Shears 
24 LAROUCH, John F.  8 November 1997Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I6141 Marcia Shears 
25 LINCE, Jessie Eugene  LaterCurran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2575 Marcia Shears 
26 MATHER, Jane  1973Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I5907 Marcia Shears 
27 MCFADDEN, Lewis Herman  1 September 1990Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2353 Marcia Shears 
28 MCLAREN, Lila C.  4 September 1986Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2551 Marcia Shears 
29 MCLAREN, Robert R. Sr.  1970Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I5895 Marcia Shears 
30 MOORE, Ida G.  Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2485 Marcia Shears 
31 PATTEE, Carrie Blanch  29 March 1972Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I5959 Marcia Shears 
32 PATTEE, Lyle Edmond  2 July 1996Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I5149 Marcia Shears 
33 PATTEE, Merton John  December 1976Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I5870 Marcia Shears 
34 PEARSALL, Etta E.  7 October 1994Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2707 Marcia Shears 
35 REED, Pearl E.  1960Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I5896 Marcia Shears 
36 ROTH, Olive Marie  Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2447 Marcia Shears 
37 ROTH, Silas B.  28 November 1948Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2443 Marcia Shears 
38 STEVENS, Altha Lucretia  1958Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2656 Marcia Shears 
39 WIEDBRAUK, Benjamin Orval  3 January 1919Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2402 Marcia Shears 
40 WIEDBRAUK, Donald Earl  12 March 1911Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2624 Marcia Shears 
41 WIEDBRAUK, Floyd Andrew  3 October 1974Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2686 Marcia Shears 
42 WIEDBRAUK, Fred Archie  March 1984Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2673 Marcia Shears 
43 WIEDBRAUK, Harry Joseph Jr.  June 1964Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2552 Marcia Shears 
44 WIEDBRAUK, John Raymond Sr.  19 April 2004Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I5849 Marcia Shears 
45 WIEDBRAUK, Lenabelle Elmira  7 January 1969Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2632 Marcia Shears 
46 WIEDBRAUK, Lewis Andrew  13 February 1952Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2396 Marcia Shears 
47 WIEDBRAUK, Lewis Oliver  September 1939Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2715 Marcia Shears 
48 WIEDBRAUK, Mervin Clark  15 July 1983Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2683 Marcia Shears 
49 WIEDBRAUK, Milton Henry  15 January 1999Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2305 Marcia Shears 
50 WIEDBRAUK, Philo Joseph  11 March 1980Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2400 Marcia Shears 
51 WIEDBRAUK, Purvis Hall  July 1940Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2550 Marcia Shears 
52 WIEDBRAUK, Richard Herbert  1912Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2522 Marcia Shears 
53 WIEDBRAUK, Samuel Stever  28 February 1931Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2395 Marcia Shears 
54 WIEDBRAUK, Tresa Erma  8 June 1995Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2391 Marcia Shears 
55 WIEDBRAUK, William Arthur  August 1950Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2398 Marcia Shears 
56 WIEDBRAUK, William Henry  30 January 1936Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2338 Marcia Shears 
57 WIEDBRAUK, Winnie Mabel  22 September 1961Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2399 Marcia Shears 
58 YODER, Benjamin  1950Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I6365 Marcia Shears 
59 YODER, Elesta Mae  3 January 1979Curran Cemetery,Curran,Alcona Co.,MI I2684 Marcia Shears 
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