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Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI



Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 JACQUES, Flora May  4 August 1916Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I2440 Marcia Shears 
2 KARR, Kenneth Joseph  26 May 1919Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I2618 Marcia Shears 
3 LAFORGE, Richard  17 January 1919Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I2300 Marcia Shears 
4 MCLAREN, Lila C.  8 August 1927Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I2551 Marcia Shears 
5 TRAVIS, Mildred  20 March 1946Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I9416 Marcia Shears 
6 WEADBROCK, Harold John  22 December 1929Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I1154 Marcia Shears 
7 WEADBROCK, Patricia Alice  22 October 1925Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I1150 Marcia Shears 
8 WIEDBRAUK, Mervin Clark  16 August 1915Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I2683 Marcia Shears 


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BRABON, Glen  Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I1907 Marcia Shears 
2 CORDES, Alvin Henry  8 November 1960Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I5169 Marcia Shears 
3 GROOMS, Jennie Emeline  2 September 1953Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I8928 Marcia Shears 
4 GROOMS, John Hamilton  25 March 1934Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I6597 Marcia Shears 
5 LAFORGE, Lee Spencer  11 June 1946Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I5982 Marcia Shears 
6 MCMAHON, Daniel Edward  April 1972Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I560 Marcia Shears 
7 UHELSKI, Brock M.  7 April 1975Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I4695 Marcia Shears 
8 WEADBROCK, Harold John  5 May 1986Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I1154 Marcia Shears 
9 WIEDBRAUK, Benjamin Orval  30 December 1918Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I2402 Marcia Shears 
10 WIEDBRAUK, Nelson Eugene  10 November 1982Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I2302 Marcia Shears 


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mary  1930Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I6968 Marcia Shears 
2 Pauline  1930Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I1168 Marcia Shears 
3 BALDWIN, Lawson S.  1920Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I5110 Marcia Shears 
4 GROOMS, Jennie Emeline  1910Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I8928 Marcia Shears 
5 GROOMS, Jennie Emeline  1920Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I8928 Marcia Shears 
6 GROOMS, Jennie Emeline  1930Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I8928 Marcia Shears 
7 GROOMS, John Hamilton  1910Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I6597 Marcia Shears 
8 GROOMS, John Hamilton  1920Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I6597 Marcia Shears 
9 GROOMS, John Hamilton  1930Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I6597 Marcia Shears 
10 JUNGA, Charles August  1910Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I8929 Marcia Shears 
11 JUNGA, Charles August  1920Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I8929 Marcia Shears 
12 JUNGA, Charles August  1930Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I8929 Marcia Shears 
13 JUNGA, Florance Margaret  1910Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I8930 Marcia Shears 
14 JUNGA, Florance Margaret  1920Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I8930 Marcia Shears 
15 JUNGA, Florance Margaret  1930Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I8930 Marcia Shears 
16 JUNGA, Wilbert Hamilton  1920Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I8931 Marcia Shears 
17 JUNGA, Wilbert Hamilton  1930Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I8931 Marcia Shears 
18 ROBERTSON, Janet R.  1920Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I18 Marcia Shears 
19 ROBERTSON, Janet R.  1930Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I18 Marcia Shears 
20 WEADBROCK, Cliford Jarvis  1930Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I1141 Marcia Shears 
21 WEADBROCK, Earnest Morris  1920Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I17 Marcia Shears 
22 WEADBROCK, Earnest Morris  1930Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I17 Marcia Shears 
23 WEADBROCK, Frederick Earnest  1920Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I1139 Marcia Shears 
24 WEADBROCK, Frederick Earnest  1930Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I1139 Marcia Shears 
25 WEADBROCK, Howard James  1920Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I1138 Marcia Shears 
26 WEADBROCK, Howard James  1930Detroit,Wayne Co.,MI I1138 Marcia Shears 
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