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Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH



Matches 1 to 81 of 81

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Tina J.  January 1989Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7042 Marcia Shears 
2 BANCROFT, Edna O.  March 1959Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3913 Marcia Shears 
3 BANCROFT, Hattie A.  October 1925Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3911 Marcia Shears 
4 BANCROFT, Herbert F.  August 1958Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3910 Marcia Shears 
5 BANCROFT, Jay H.  September 1921Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3991 Marcia Shears 
6 BANCROFT, Lynn Thomas  August 1919Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3914 Marcia Shears 
7 BANCROFT, Lysle  1920Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3967 Marcia Shears 
8 BANCROFT, Otis Ira Sr.  1947Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3912 Marcia Shears 
9 BANCROFT, Wanda B.  1996Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3979 Marcia Shears 
10 BECKWITH, Almira M.  October 1865Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I68 Marcia Shears 
11 BONNELL, Asenath  1904Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3631 Marcia Shears 
12 CASTA, Mary  1915Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7045 Marcia Shears 
13 CHAPIN, Demaris  Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3962 Marcia Shears 
14 CHAPMAN, Edith F.  May 1973Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3964 Marcia Shears 
15 DEWEY, Fred  1952Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7039 Marcia Shears 
16 DEWEY, John H.  February 1987Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7041 Marcia Shears 
17 DEWEY, Raymond  Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7055 Marcia Shears 
18 DEWEY, Vivian Charlotte  October 1994Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3936 Marcia Shears 
19 DOMAN, John G.  July 1991Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7057 Marcia Shears 
20 FINK, Golda I.  July 1910Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I8616 Marcia Shears 
21 FINK, John H.  1951Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3980 Marcia Shears 
22 FINK, John W. Jr.  1933Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3986 Marcia Shears 
23 FINK, Reed W.  January 1930Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I8615 Marcia Shears 
24 HELMBRECK, Frederick E.  1959Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7063 Marcia Shears 
25 HYERS, Martha L.  1933Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3838 Marcia Shears 
26 JOHNSON, Ellen M.  1915Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3717 Marcia Shears 
27 KINNEY, Ora K.  1933Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3848 Marcia Shears 
28 KUNNER, Ida Justin  1951Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7040 Marcia Shears 
29 LEWIS, Edna Celia  May 1943Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3922 Marcia Shears 
30 MARSH, Mary Ann  Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3629 Marcia Shears 
31 MCCLAIN, Bertha E.  March 1966Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3937 Marcia Shears 
32 NEWTON, Elizabeth  1923Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7035 Marcia Shears 
33 NORTON, Frances Arpella  Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3908 Marcia Shears 
34 NORTON, Lewis E.  1907Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3891 Marcia Shears 
35 NORTON, Stephen O.  1906Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I729 Marcia Shears 
36 NORTON, Vernon L.  January 1909Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3907 Marcia Shears 
37 OLIN, Ada  1949Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3895 Marcia Shears 
38 OLIN, Arnold L.  May 1978Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3939 Marcia Shears 
39 OLIN, Daniel Perry  February 1909Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3839 Marcia Shears 
40 OLIN, Edwin A.  November 2003Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3929 Marcia Shears 
41 OLIN, Ernest A.  1956Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3842 Marcia Shears 
42 OLIN, Ida  1950Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3898 Marcia Shears 
43 OLIN, James G.  1947Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3897 Marcia Shears 
44 OLIN, Lewis Jay  1947Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3896 Marcia Shears 
45 OLIN, Lynn L.  November 1962Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3850 Marcia Shears 
46 OLIN, William J.  June 1923Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3894 Marcia Shears 
47 RUGG, Joseph M.  July 1947Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7036 Marcia Shears 
48 RUGG, Perry  August 1871Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7038 Marcia Shears 
49 RUGG, Samuel Stannard  July 1872Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7034 Marcia Shears 
50 RUGG, Sarah A.  1940Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3754 Marcia Shears 
51 SEYMOUR, Carl H.  Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I8655 Marcia Shears 
52 SHAW, Alfred S.  November 1963Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3758 Marcia Shears 
53 SHAW, Asahel B.  April 1889Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I732 Marcia Shears 
54 SHAW, Elva Adeline  Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3713 Marcia Shears 
55 SHAW, Grace A.  1963Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3760 Marcia Shears 
56 SHAW, John F.  April 1870Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I67 Marcia Shears 
57 SHAW, Milford 0.  1931Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7032 Marcia Shears 
58 SHAW, Oliver R.  November 1911Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3682 Marcia Shears 
59 SHAW, Orson S.  1902Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3711 Marcia Shears 
60 SHAW, Rexford D.  June 1971Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7033 Marcia Shears 
61 SHAW, Sylvester M.  1889Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3668 Marcia Shears 
62 SHAW, Truman B.  Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I737 Marcia Shears 
63 SIMMONS, Charles H.  1929Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3916 Marcia Shears 
64 TODD, Bertha U.  1938Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7031 Marcia Shears 
65 TRAVIS, Mary Jeanne  January 1992Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7056 Marcia Shears 
66 VANSLYKE, (Male)  1882Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7043 Marcia Shears 
67 VANSLYKE, Abbie V.  May 1942Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7046 Marcia Shears 
68 VANSLYKE, Delos W.  February 1932Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7030 Marcia Shears 
69 VANSLYKE, Fanny V.  September 1959Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3683 Marcia Shears 
70 VANSLYKE, Frances B.  1946Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3906 Marcia Shears 
71 VANSLYKE, George D.  February 1914Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7044 Marcia Shears 
72 VANSLYKE, Lewis M.  December 1914Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7048 Marcia Shears 
73 WEAVER, Jennie Lauretta  December 1980Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3988 Marcia Shears 
74 WEAVER, John A.  February 1931Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7064 Marcia Shears 
75 WEAVER, Margaret Mae  May 1930Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3973 Marcia Shears 
76 WESTCOTT, Ada Luanna  October 1860Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7054 Marcia Shears 
77 WESTCOTT, Ellen Sabin  October 1861Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7053 Marcia Shears 
78 WESTCOTT, Ida Marr  1939Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7049 Marcia Shears 
79 WESTCOTT, Wilbur Sabin  August 1872Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7052 Marcia Shears 
80 WHIPPLE, Guy Robert  November 1941Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I3971 Marcia Shears 
81 ZIMMERMAN, Lucinda B.  1935Gageville Cemetery,Sheffield,Ashtabula Co.,OH I7065 Marcia Shears 
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