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New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alfaretta  March 1865New York I183724 Schirado 
2 Alice  about 1855New York I106636 Schirado 
3 Anna  July 1866New York I128281 Schirado 
4 Annah  about 1792New York I179127 Schirado 
5 Annetta  about 1862New York I151928 Schirado 
6 Artemesis  about 1828New York I86836 Schirado 
7 Augusta N.  May 1855New York I163188 Schirado 
8 Betsey Maria  about 1825New York I175692 Schirado 
9 Caroline  May 1846New York I29083 Schirado 
10 Catherine  about 1812New York I41207 Schirado 
11 Catherine  about 1829New York I98534 Schirado 
12 Catherine  about 1847New York I156137 Schirado 
13 Catherine Elizabeth  about 1831New York I169517 Schirado 
14 Cathern E.  February 1828New York I127582 Schirado 
15 Celestia  about 1840New York I96666 Schirado 
16 Celia  about 1877New York I183261 Schirado 
17 Clarissa  about 1820New York I144930 Schirado 
18 Clarissa  about 1832New York I107109 Schirado 
19 Dora  December 1851New York I156058 Schirado 
20 Edith E.  about 1893New York I151776 Schirado 
21 Elizabeth  about 1795New York I185348 Schirado 
22 Elizabeth  about 1819New York I182489 Schirado 
23 Elizabeth  about 1840New York I127559 Schirado 
24 Elizabeth A.  August 1876New York I151809 Schirado 
25 Elizabeth C.  about 1803New York I126856 Schirado 
26 Elizabeth Caroline  about 1818New York I44982 Schirado 
27 Ella V.  December 1849New York I114342 Schirado 
28 Ellen  about 1853New York I139683 Schirado 
29 Elsie  1898New York I151722 Schirado 
30 Emeline  January 1824New York I166546 Schirado 
31 Emily  about 1807New York I140452 Schirado 
32 Emily  about 1847New York I128252 Schirado 
33 Emily J.  about 1835New York I128257 Schirado 
34 Esther  about 1850New York I184562 Schirado 
35 Etta  November 1865New York I151933 Schirado 
36 Hannah  about 1828New York I160804 Schirado 
37 Hannah  about 1840New York I162386 Schirado 
38 Hannah  about 1852New York I116348 Schirado 
39 Hannah C.  about 1831New York I124903 Schirado 
40 Harriet E.  February 1828New York I104234 Schirado 
41 Harriet M.  about 1820New York I149582 Schirado 
42 Huldah  about 1829New York I163538 Schirado 
43 Jane P.  about 1898New York I151323 Schirado 
44 Jennie  July 1867New York I181459 Schirado 
45 Joanna G.  about 1818New York I108179 Schirado 
46 Josephine  November 1847New York I109046 Schirado 
47 Laura  about 1842New York I185343 Schirado 
48 Laura A.  about 1845New York I151876 Schirado 
49 Laura Mayran  about 1804New York I101674 Schirado 
50 Lavine  about 1833New York I127610 Schirado 
51 Lorena  about 1806New York I87473 Schirado 
52 Lorinda  October 1842New York I114382 Schirado 
53 Lydia  about 1812New York I137458 Schirado 
54 Margaret  about 1768New York I159428 Schirado 
55 Maria E.  about 1833New York I151822 Schirado 
56 Mariah  about 1836New York I126994 Schirado 
57 Martha  about 1798New York I11521 Schirado 
58 Mary  about 1804New York I104236 Schirado 
59 Mary  about 1814New York I18696 Schirado 
60 Mary  about 1821New York I115217 Schirado 
61 Mary D.  about 1842New York I160067 Schirado 
62 Mary E.  August 1870New York I115275 Schirado 
63 Mary Jane  8 June 1852New York I156421 Schirado 
64 Matilda D.  December 1836New York I140407 Schirado 
65 Meriam  about 1810New York I169614 Schirado 
66 Myra  about 1876New York I184208 Schirado 
67 Nellie  February 1874New York I151839 Schirado 
68 Olive  about 1830New York I119773 Schirado 
69 Peggy  about 1816New York I185333 Schirado 
70 Perlina Ammy  about 1803New York I29066 Schirado 
71 Phebe  about 13 February 1778New York I124155 Schirado 
72 Phebe  about 1783New York I96521 Schirado 
73 Polly  about 1804New York I121096 Schirado 
74 Polly  16 February 1809New York I137268 Schirado 
75 Rebecca  about 1829New York I20657 Schirado 
76 Roba  about 1818New York I114986 Schirado 
77 Robert Barnes  about 1814New York I185987 Schirado 
78 Rose A.  March 1875New York I126926 Schirado 
79 Roxanna M.  about 1825New York I160247 Schirado 
80 Ruth Ann  September 1835New York I151847 Schirado 
81 S. Leota  about 1886New York I151767 Schirado 
82 Sally  about 1817New York I120002 Schirado 
83 Samantha  about 1825New York I103930 Schirado 
84 Sarah  24 September 1811New York I94852 Schirado 
85 Sarah  October 1833New York I179610 Schirado 
86 Sarah M.  about 1831New York I96662 Schirado 
87 Savanna  about 1840New York I121469 Schirado 
88 Sibyl L.  about 1831New York I133123 Schirado 
89 Soprona  about 1813New York I116118 Schirado 
90 Susan M.  about 1839New York I148343 Schirado 
91 Theresa  about 1810New York I109076 Schirado 
92 Tirzah  about 1823New York I96661 Schirado 
93 Triphena  about 1798New York I115097 Schirado 
94 Abell, William C.  about 1824New York I73029 Schirado 
95 Aber, Jehial H.  about 1817New York I39005 Schirado 
96 Ackerson, Jacob  20 August 1840New York I114695 Schirado 
97 Ackles, Olive  1836New York I149597 Schirado 
98 Adams, Alta May  1866New York I28812 Schirado 
99 Adams, Charles M.  July 1840New York I29082 Schirado 
100 Adams, Saloma  15 June 1813New York I178963 Schirado 

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Matches 1 to 82 of 82

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Emeline  1908New York I166546 Schirado 
2 Allen, Chester W.  5 April 1900New York I185840 Schirado 
3 Allen, Mehitable  24 March 1790New York I164972 Schirado 
4 Althouse, Mahala  28 April 1881New York I184581 Schirado 
5 Andrews, Abigail  between 1800 and 1810New York I83043 Schirado 
6 Andrews, Rebecca  6 October 1826New York I122419 Schirado 
7 Annable, Ephraim  11 June 1818New York I130915 Schirado 
8 Arentsen, Reynier  17 September 1721New York I21764 Schirado 
9 Baldwin, Esther  27 December 1820New York I39469 Schirado 
10 Blaisdell, Harriet R.  18 April 1919New York I106903 Schirado 
11 Bliss, Israel  26 January 1828New York I80424 Schirado 
12 Bogart, Tunis Gysbert  1699New York I7773 Schirado 
13 Bording, Claes Claeszen  before 1691New York I94453 Schirado 
14 Bostwick, Esther  1840New York I41040 Schirado 
15 Bronson, Martha  2 December 1813New York I59967 Schirado 
16 Bunnell, Charles  26 July 1758New York I92212 Schirado 
17 Cable, Harvey  about 1845New York I187726 Schirado 
18 Calkins, John  after 1745New York I6388 Schirado 
19 Calkins, Justus  16 August 1820New York I6364 Schirado 
20 Carter, Mary  15 May 1870New York I180530 Schirado 
21 Casper, Geertje  May 1809New York I72399 Schirado 
22 Clark, Susanna  30 November 1853New York I152761 Schirado 
23 Cook, Samuel  after 1880New York I106631 Schirado 
24 Covert, Clarence  30 September 1939New York I148886 Schirado 
25 Curtis, Charles  New York I13915 Schirado 
26 Dayton, Justus  about 1825New York I26570 Schirado 
27 Depew, Julian Paul  1930New York I106899 Schirado 
28 Dinehart, Barbara  20 January 1890New York I78074 Schirado 
29 Diston, Olive  20 January 1853New York I94496 Schirado 
30 Dix, Frances Elizabeth  16 May 1864New York I127109 Schirado 
31 Dorr, Sarah L.  28 June 1855New York I14986 Schirado 
32 Edwards, Henry  1763New York I163071 Schirado 
33 Erickson, Rachel  4 December 1823New York I61647 Schirado 
34 Estes, Ray Dell  5 March 1888New York I139654 Schirado 
35 Garner, Abel William  7 November 1867New York I155810 Schirado 
36 Gillett, Jonah  14 March 1792New York I117097 Schirado 
37 Hall, Nancy  19 June 1838New York I100831 Schirado 
38 Higgins, Patrick Joseph  1857New York I183789 Schirado 
39 Hively, Elizabeth A.  about 1910New York I92799 Schirado 
40 Holden, Samauel  New York I157276 Schirado 
41 Hotchkiss, Hezekiah  8 May 1761New York I181844 Schirado 
42 Jones, Addie May  1908New York I116312 Schirado 
43 Jones, Clara A.  1939New York I116308 Schirado 
44 Jones, Ida  6 April 1894New York I116311 Schirado 
45 Jones, Rosa E.  1945New York I116310 Schirado 
46 Jones, Rev. Silas  25 April 1867New York I116388 Schirado 
47 Ketchum, Cinderella  4 April 1863New York I178851 Schirado 
48 Knapp, David  4 April 1813New York I180526 Schirado 
49 Kuhn, Johan Valentine  New York I103950 Schirado 
50 Lane, Ferdinanad  10 September 1793New York I132644 Schirado 
51 Lindsley, Samuel  February 1819New York I102138 Schirado 
52 Loveland, Dea. Thomas  30 March 1811New York I39068 Schirado 
53 Manrow, Abigail Jane  17 March 1870New York I163545 Schirado 
54 Minckler, Anna Margaretta  after 1708New York I106762 Schirado 
55 Otis, Thomas  29 October 1841New York I39 Schirado 
56 Peck, George Edward  13 September 1963New York I184645 Schirado 
57 Phelps, Olive Sophia  6 April 1938New York I21671 Schirado 
58 Prichard, Lieut. Jabez  31 December 1777New York I39806 Schirado 
59 Reed, Leonard  1889New York I184468 Schirado 
60 Reynolds, Sarah  after 1850New York I36888 Schirado 
61 Roberts, Lemuel  about 1778New York I51497 Schirado 
62 Rogers, Josiah  10 September 1757New York I166846 Schirado 
63 Rycken, Abraham  1689New York I21011 Schirado 
64 Sackett, Isaac  16 November 1796New York I179674 Schirado 
65 Schmidt, Johannes Zachariah  24 December 1769New York I143716 Schirado 
66 Smith, Ruth  25 May 1897New York I114356 Schirado 
67 Sprague, Jessie  November 1969New York I151823 Schirado 
68 Sprague, Joshua  20 August 1776New York I140035 Schirado 
69 Stebbins, Dea. Abraham  April 1833New York I34149 Schirado 
70 Stetson, Henry  June 1816New York I138301 Schirado 
71 Thomas, Catherine Elizabeth  1913New York I163547 Schirado 
72 Tinkham, Phebe  11 June 1809New York I64364 Schirado 
73 Treat, John  13 May 1778New York I179776 Schirado 
74 Trowbridge, Thomas  25 August 1782New York I184379 Schirado 
75 Vonck, Cornelius  1681New York I21295 Schirado 
76 Vredenburgh, Mary  9 April 1897New York I114296 Schirado 
77 Walden, Elizabeth  about 1788New York I70622 Schirado 
78 Wales, Dea. Elijah  2 March 1826New York I97026 Schirado 
79 Weis, Anna Catharina  New York I103951 Schirado 
80 Wheeler, Egbert Benson  15 February 1841New York I159987 Schirado 
81 Whittemore, Thomas  28 August 1829New York I156965 Schirado 
82 Wood, Thankful  October 1818New York I125509 Schirado 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 De Groot, Maritje  18 March 1688New York I99138 Schirado 


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family/Spouse    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Annable / Shepherd  31 October 1831New York F76450 Schirado 
2 Brouwer / Kip  17 October 1751New York F62879 Schirado 
3 Collins / Dix  14 May 1864New York F83791 Schirado 
4 Cranckheyt / Van Wicklen  about 1694New York F15844 Schirado 
5 Dix / Rogers  1 June 1854New York F83789 Schirado 
6 Dix / Wait  12 May 1857New York F83790 Schirado 
7 Herrick / Cornell  22 March 1842New York F20719 Schirado 
8 Herrick / Hutchings  about 1834New York F70279 Schirado 
9 Hughes / Dolph  New York F118234 Schirado 
10 Manrow / Mann  1 June 1856New York F107954 Schirado 
11 Minckler /   before 1712New York F49223 Schirado 
12 Orr / Sturdevant  about 1862New York F84175 Schirado 
13 Palmer / Althouse  13 January 1818New York F121608 Schirado 
14 Pinch / Fry  April 1846New York F20656 Schirado 
15 Pixley / Hollenbeck  2 July 1823New York F75703 Schirado 
16 Rector / Sager  New York F70290 Schirado 
17 Rogers / Dowell  21 August 1852New York F66094 Schirado 
18 Ross / Curtiss  8 October 1865New York F122178 Schirado 
19 Sabin / Miller  17 October 1816New York F106327 Schirado 
20 Sager / Dotle  about 1810New York F4172 Schirado 
21 Sager / Terpeny  about 1845New York F70285 Schirado 
22 Simons / Sager  about 1841New York F4076 Schirado 
23 Van Buskirk / de Lange  20 April 1715New York F62752 Schirado 
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