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Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexander, Abigail  about 1687Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I83970 Schirado 
2 Alexander, Sarah  about 1685Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I83971 Schirado 
3 Arms, William  25 August 1654Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I162874 Schirado 
4 Baldwin, Hannah  13 April 1673Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I41114 Schirado 
5 Baldwin, Hannah  9 March 1675/6Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I41119 Schirado 
6 Baldwin, Hannah  27 April 1681Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I41115 Schirado 
7 Baldwin, Mehitable  June 1670Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I41113 Schirado 
8 Baldwin, Mercy  20 November 1674Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I166738 Schirado 
9 Baldwin, Samuel  7 or 27 April 1679Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I41118 Schirado 
10 Barnard, Hannah  about 1646Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I93226 Schirado 
11 Barnard, Hannah  8 June 1684Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123154 Schirado 
12 Barnard, John  12 December 1713Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I117721 Schirado 
13 Barnard, Joseph  about 1645Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I8993 Schirado 
14 Barnard, Mary  11 August 1681Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I116187 Schirado 
15 Barnard, Sarah  2 February 1710Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I82043 Schirado 
16 Barnard, Dr. Thomas  17 May 1707Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I116184 Schirado 
17 Bartlett, Sarah  25 December 1709Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I83493 Schirado 
18 Belding, Elizabeth  17 February 1663Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I52403 Schirado 
19 Boltwood, Lydia  October 1696Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I83990 Schirado 
20 Boltwood, Sarah  1 October 1672Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I84003 Schirado 
21 Boltwood, Solomon  2 July 1694Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I35731 Schirado 
22 Brown, Mary  26 May 1677Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I88200 Schirado 
23 Butler, Mabel  12 August 1682Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I78899 Schirado 
24 Chamberlain, Elizabeth  about 1694Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7148 Schirado 
25 Chamberlain, Joseph  about 1697Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I83975 Schirado 
26 Chamberlain, Sarah  2 November 1690Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7146 Schirado 
27 Chamberlain, Sarah  10 March 1693Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7147 Schirado 
28 Chamberlain, William  March 1688/9Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7145 Schirado 
29 Chauncy, Dorothy  24 June 1710Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I25068 Schirado 
30 Church, Abigail  12 October 1705Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I166133 Schirado 
31 Church, Benjamin  1 September 1680Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7944 Schirado 
32 Church, John  24 December 1682Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123221 Schirado 
33 Church, Joseph  26 May 1678Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123220 Schirado 
34 Church, Josiah  10 April 1673Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123219 Schirado 
35 Church, Mary  23 January 1665Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7896 Schirado 
36 Church, Mehitable  11 January 1672Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7962 Schirado 
37 Church, Richard  9 December 1669Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123217 Schirado 
38 Church, Samuel  19 August 1667Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123216 Schirado 
39 Coleman, John  11 April 1669Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I130675 Schirado 
40 Cook, Aaron  about 1663Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123229 Schirado 
41 Cook, Bridget  31 March 1683Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I116194 Schirado 
42 Cook, Bridget  26 January 1700/1Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I5737 Schirado 
43 Cook, Elizabeth  9 January 1677Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I8098 Schirado 
44 Cook, Joanna  10 July 1665Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123153 Schirado 
45 Cook, Margaret  18 March 1711Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I116182 Schirado 
46 Cook, Moses  5 May 1675Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I116186 Schirado 
47 Cook, Noah  5 April 1694Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123131 Schirado 
48 Cook, Noah  8 October 1749Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I110458 Schirado 
49 Cook, Lieut. Samuel  16 November 1672Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123129 Schirado 
50 Cook, Sarah  31 January 1662Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I76872 Schirado 
51 Cook, Westwood  29 March 1670/1Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123136 Schirado 
52 Crafts, Abigail  29 September 1688Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I13827 Schirado 
53 Crafts, Benoni  22 October 1692Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I13830 Schirado 
54 Crafts, Elizabeth  17 April 1691Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I83968 Schirado 
55 Crafts, John  8 November 1685Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I10004 Schirado 
56 Crafts, Mary  2 February 1687Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I13826 Schirado 
57 Crafts, Thomas  27 February 1690Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I13828 Schirado 
58 Crow, Mary  5 February 1672Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I99995 Schirado 
59 Crowfoot, Daniel  5 June 1700Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I166111 Schirado 
60 Crowfoot, Ebenezer  3 April 1702Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I122802 Schirado 
61 Crowfoot, Joseph  3 July 1699Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I166110 Schirado 
62 Crowfoot, Mary  6 April 1697Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I166108 Schirado 
63 Crowfoot, Samuel  21 January 1694Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I166106 Schirado 
64 Crowfoot, Sarah  25 May 1706Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I35462 Schirado 
65 Crowfoot, Stephen  13 April 1695Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I166107 Schirado 
66 Dickinson, Catherine  8 January 1705/6Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I119046 Schirado 
67 Dickinson, Dorcas  21 March 1709Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123302 Schirado 
68 Dickinson, Elisha  18 May 1729Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123305 Schirado 
69 Dickinson, Elizabeth  6 December 1668Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7348 Schirado 
70 Dickinson, Hannah  20 May 1670Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7350 Schirado 
71 Dickinson, Hannah  6 September 1684Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7935 Schirado 
72 Dickinson, Joanna  2 February 1684Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7234 Schirado 
73 Dickinson, John  27 November 1715Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123303 Schirado 
74 Dickinson, Rev. Jonathan  22 April 1688Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7235 Schirado 
75 Dickinson, Josiah  8 August 1724Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123304 Schirado 
76 Dickinson, Mary  4 January 1678Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7931 Schirado 
77 Dickinson, Mary  23 February 1704Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123300 Schirado 
78 Dickinson, Mehitable  about 1666Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7133 Schirado 
79 Dickinson, Mercy  8 June 1668Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7134 Schirado 
80 Dickinson, Nathaniel  23 August 1689Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7937 Schirado 
81 Dickinson, Nehemiah  5 June 1672Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7928 Schirado 
82 Dickinson, Rebecca  2 April 1699Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7941 Schirado 
83 Dickinson, Dea. Samuel  16 August 1682Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7934 Schirado 
84 Dickinson, Sarah  19 April 1686Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7933 Schirado 
85 Dickinson, Thomas  15 February 1672Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7352 Schirado 
86 Dickinson, Sergt. William  18 May 1675Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7929 Schirado 
87 Dickinson, William  26 April 1706Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123301 Schirado 
88 Eastman, Anna  22 May 1781Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I78108 Schirado 
89 Foote, Elizabeth  1654Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7206 Schirado 
90 Gaylord, John  21 April 1677Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I119821 Schirado 
91 Gaylord, John  27 September 1713Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123333 Schirado 
92 Gaylord, Mary  27 January 1707Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123330 Schirado 
93 Gaylord, Nathaniel  8 September 1718Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123335 Schirado 
94 Gaylord, Nehemiah  30 November 1715Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123334 Schirado 
95 Gaylord, Ruth  6 April 1703Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123328 Schirado 
96 Gaylord, Ruth  16 February 1721Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123336 Schirado 
97 Gaylord, Samuel  19 October 1676Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7942 Schirado 
98 Gaylord, Samuel  5 May 1711Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I116188 Schirado 
99 Gaylord, Sarah  1 February 1709Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123331 Schirado 
100 Gaylord, William  4 October 1704Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123329 Schirado 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bridgett  12 May 1676Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I8334 Schirado 
2 Dorcas  15 August 1723Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7191 Schirado 
3 Dorothy  1694Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I39076 Schirado 
4 Elizabeth  between 9 March 1675/6 and 22 March 1677/8Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I51846 Schirado 
5 Joanna  14 September 1666Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I8917 Schirado 
6 Lydia  23 November 1804Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I166214 Schirado 
7 Mary  14 May 1687Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I122914 Schirado 
8 Rebecca  10 April 1687Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I165744 Schirado 
9 Albright, Frances  March 1678Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I41271 Schirado 
10 Alexander, Nathaniel  29 October 1742Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I83972 Schirado 
11 Alexander, Sarah  31 January 1768Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I83971 Schirado 
12 Baldwin, Hannah  by 9 March 1675/6Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I41114 Schirado 
13 Baldwin, Hannah  31 October 1676Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I41119 Schirado 
14 Baldwin, Joseph  21 November 1681Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I3757 Schirado 
15 Baldwin, Joseph  2 November 1684Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I9005 Schirado 
16 Baldwin, Mehitable  11 July 1670Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I41113 Schirado 
17 Baldwin, Mercy  17 December 1674Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I166738 Schirado 
18 Barnard, Francis  3 February 1698Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I8994 Schirado 
19 Barnard, Dr. John  6 March 1726Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I116193 Schirado 
20 Barnard, Mary  1753Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I116187 Schirado 
21 Barnard, Capt. Samuel  17 October 1728Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I116191 Schirado 
22 Blackleach, Sarah  29 June 1720Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I48426 Schirado 
23 Boltwood, Sergt. Robert  6 April 1684Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I122913 Schirado 
24 Brown, Elizabeth  29 September 1685Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I25265 Schirado 
25 Chamberlain, Sarah  27 January 1691Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7146 Schirado 
26 Chauncy, Rev. Isaac  2 May 1745Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I25096 Schirado 
27 Church, Benjamin  15 January 1755Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7944 Schirado 
28 Church, Mary  18 June 1700Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7896 Schirado 
29 Church, Samuel  13 April 1684Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7315 Schirado 
30 Church, Samuel  7 September 1737Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123216 Schirado 
31 Coleman, Thomas  October 1674Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I41272 Schirado 
32 Colton, Mary  4 or 5 March 1709Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I116192 Schirado 
33 Cook, Bridget  31 August 1762Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I116194 Schirado 
34 Cook, Elisha  1846Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I78107 Schirado 
35 Cook, Margaret  15 March 1756Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I116182 Schirado 
36 Cook, Moses  March 1758Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I116186 Schirado 
37 Cook, Sarah  before 1750Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I76872 Schirado 
38 Coolidge, Catherine  20 August 1842Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I115828 Schirado 
39 Cotton, Maria  29 June 1729Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I93005 Schirado 
40 Cowdrey, Nathaniel  3 April 1751Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I33356 Schirado 
41 Cowles, John  15 September 1677Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7927 Schirado 
42 Cox, Sarah  4 November 1671Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I92970 Schirado 
43 Crafts, Elizabeth  9 February 1764Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I83968 Schirado 
44 Crafts, Thomas  27 February 1692Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I13526 Schirado 
45 Crafts, Thomas  12 April 1714Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I13828 Schirado 
46 Crow, Mary  19 June 1761Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I99995 Schirado 
47 Crowfoot, Samuel  10 February 1733Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7952 Schirado 
48 Deming, Sarah  28 September 1717Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I83949 Schirado 
49 Dickinson, Abigail  1714Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7132 Schirado 
50 Dickinson, Hannah  16 July 1723Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7167 Schirado 
51 Dickinson, Dea. Nathaniel  16 June 1676Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7124 Schirado 
52 Dickinson, Nehemiah  1 October 1715Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7928 Schirado 
53 Dickinson, Lieut. Nehemiah  9 September 1723Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7171 Schirado 
54 Dickinson, Rebecca  3 October 1726Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7941 Schirado 
55 Dickinson, Rebecca  16 February 1731Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7136 Schirado 
56 Dickinson, Sergt. William  24 June 1742Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7929 Schirado 
57 Eastman, Anna  23 February 1841Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I78108 Schirado 
58 Foote, Rebecca  6 April 1701Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7199 Schirado 
59 Gardner, Elizabeth  29 November 1684Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I83989 Schirado 
60 Gaylord, Ruth  20 June 1703Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123328 Schirado 
61 Gaylord, Samuel  1734Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7942 Schirado 
62 Gaylord, Samuel  3 September 1785Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I116188 Schirado 
63 Gaylord, William  1680Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I116189 Schirado 
64 Goodman, James  8 September 1746Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I93319 Schirado 
65 Goodman, John  17 January 1725Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123347 Schirado 
66 Goodman, Dea. Richard  April 1676Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I67914 Schirado 
67 Goodman, Thomas  5 October 1748Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123115 Schirado 
68 Graves, Elizabeth  25 February 1795Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I166213 Schirado 
69 Harrison, Abigail  7 September 1717Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123222 Schirado 
70 Hawkes, John  July 1662Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I25264 Schirado 
71 Hitchcock, Hannah  31 August 1733Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7995 Schirado 
72 Hovey, (three daughters)  12 November 1693Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I124080 Schirado 
73 Hovey, Daniel  13 February 1716Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I124081 Schirado 
74 Hovey, Dorcas  3 March 1795Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I124082 Schirado 
75 Hovey, Elizabeth  17 October 1758Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I83969 Schirado 
76 Hovey, Miriam  about 1713Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I26993 Schirado 
77 Hovey, Rachel  12 October 1703Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I124083 Schirado 
78 Hovey, Sarah  18 October 1716Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I124077 Schirado 
79 Hovey, Lieut. Thomas  4 March 1739Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I76840 Schirado 
80 Ingram, Ebenezer  21 November 1695Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I35527 Schirado 
81 Ingram, Ebenezer  6 January 1702Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I35530 Schirado 
82 Ingram, Experience  21 August 1714Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I35534 Schirado 
83 Ingram, John  22 June 1722Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I83988 Schirado 
84 Ingram, Jonathan  26 January 1709Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I35533 Schirado 
85 Ingram, Jonathan  12 November 1748Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I187480 Schirado 
86 Johnson, Stephen Shipman  1 February 1845Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I26732 Schirado 
87 Kellogg, Ebenezer  17 August 1766Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I84001 Schirado 
88 Kellogg, Lieut. Joseph  before February 1708Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7999 Schirado 
89 Lane, Sarah  22 June 1759Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I35515 Schirado 
90 Lewis, Sarah  10 August 1722Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I83992 Schirado 
91 Lyman, John  13 October 1727Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I6844 Schirado 
92 Lyman, John  3 January 1783Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I119129 Schirado 
93 Lyman, Sarah  19 September 1835Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I69302 Schirado 
94 Marsh, (infant daughter)  1692Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123147 Schirado 
95 Marsh, (infant daughter)  29 July 1692Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123134 Schirado 
96 Marsh, (infant son)  September 1698Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123135 Schirado 
97 Marsh, Daniel  24 February 1725Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I122700 Schirado 
98 Marsh, Daniel  15 February 1770Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I123140 Schirado 
99 Marsh, Job  26 July 1797Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I115830 Schirado 
100 Marsh, Sergt. John  2 September 1725Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I77596 Schirado 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Crowfoot, Samuel  Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I7952 Schirado 
2 Goodman, Dea. Richard  3 April 1676Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I67914 Schirado 
3 Hovey, Hannah  7 March 1694Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I124079 Schirado 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kellogg, Partridge  29 May 1743Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts I154451 Schirado 


Matches 1 to 86 of 86

   Family/Spouse    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Arms / Hawkes  21 November 1677Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F107507 Schirado 
2 Ashley / Kellogg  27 April 1686Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F55660 Schirado 
3 Austin / Hovey  17 January 1701/2Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F77622 Schirado 
4 Baldwin / Gibbons  17 September 1678Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F6629 Schirado 
5 Barnard / Colton  5 November 1678Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F76389 Schirado 
6 Barnard / Strong  19 December 1675Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5084 Schirado 
7 Bascom / Webster  12 December 1700Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F78257 Schirado 
8 Beamon / Barnard  9 October 1680Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F61347 Schirado 
9 Brown / Brooks  7 January 1674Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F58233 Schirado 
10 Chamberlain / Dickinson  8 June 1688Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5114 Schirado 
11 Church / Dickinson  23 September 1714Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5670 Schirado 
12 Church / Harrison  7 July 1692Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F81251 Schirado 
13 Church / Hovey  13 January 1709Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F19515 Schirado 
14 Church / Smith  29 May 1724Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F19520 Schirado 
15 Clary / Dickinson  16 June 1670Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5136 Schirado 
16 Cook / Barnard  4 July 1698Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F76386 Schirado 
17 Cook / Foote  2 October 1688Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5176 Schirado 
18 Cook / Westwood  30 May 1661Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5909 Schirado 
19 Crafts / Dickinson  6 December 1683Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5112 Schirado 
20 Dickinson / Beardsley  8 June 1668Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5138 Schirado 
21 Dickinson / Blackman  4 December 1679Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5141 Schirado 
22 Dickinson / Bridgeman  4 June 1668Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5137 Schirado 
23 Dickinson / Cook  24 September 1730Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5669 Schirado 
24 Dickinson / Crow  7 March 1667/8Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5135 Schirado 
25 Dickinson / Smith  3 December 1713Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5672 Schirado 
26 Gaylord / Dickinson  6 August 1702Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5666 Schirado 
27 Gillett / Dickinson  23 September 1668Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5108 Schirado 
28 Gunn / Mighill  18 January 1739Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F80448 Schirado 
29 Harrison / Montague  1 December 1671Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F109622 Schirado 
30 Ingram / Dickinson  26 June 1689Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5113 Schirado 
31 Ingram / Gardner  21 November 1664Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F55670 Schirado 
32 Ingram / Montague  18 November 1743Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F123319 Schirado 
33 Ingram / Smith  20 October 1696Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F81348 Schirado 
34 Ingram / Smith  14 August 1743Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F13551 Schirado 
35 Ingram / Warner  14 October 1696Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F109418 Schirado 
36 Jennings / Dickinson  15 May 1677Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5118 Schirado 
37 Johnson / Lyman  14 April 1791Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F19346 Schirado 
38 Johnson / Root  25 March 1829Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F607 Schirado 
39 Kellogg / Boltwood  28 June 1692Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F55676 Schirado 
40 Kellogg / Snow  15 December 1748Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F55980 Schirado 
41 Kellogg / Terry  9 May 1667Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5715 Schirado 
42 Lane / Dickinson  11 December 1677Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5115 Schirado 
43 Lewis / Smith  4 December 1735Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F55677 Schirado 
44 Lyman / Moseley  1 January 1718Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F78354 Schirado 
45 Marsh /   12 July 1676Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5152 Schirado 
46 Marsh / Coolidge  13 February 1839Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F76141 Schirado 
47 Marsh / Smith  10 September 1783Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F76143 Schirado 
48 Moody / Dickinson  24 June 1733Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F81305 Schirado 
49 Moody / Lane  5 September 1700Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F11215 Schirado 
50 Munn / Moody  27 June 1698Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F55674 Schirado 
51 Nash / Ingram  November 1716Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F13507 Schirado 
52 Nash / Kellogg  27 November 1691Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F55672 Schirado 
53 Perkins / Smith  27 February 1713Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F18936 Schirado 
54 Perry / Warner  1 April 1737Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F109558 Schirado 
55 Porter / Butler  3 April 1690Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F25061 Schirado 
56 Porter / Stanley  about 1659Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F28645 Schirado 
57 Porter / Williams  26 May 1698Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F42249 Schirado 
58 Rawson / Chauncy  19 May 1738Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F18041 Schirado 
59 Smith / Alexander  9 November 1715Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F11688 Schirado 
60 Smith / Church  16 November 1682Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5705 Schirado 
61 Smith / Cook  19 July 1696Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5712 Schirado 
62 Smith / Crafts  2 May 1734Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F13483 Schirado 
63 Smith / Crow  9 April 1690Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5688 Schirado 
64 Smith / Dickinson  11 February 1681Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5116 Schirado 
65 Smith / Dickinson  6 February 1696Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5147 Schirado 
66 Smith / Dickinson  16 December 1725Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5676 Schirado 
67 Smith / Kellogg  29 November 1683Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5281 Schirado 
68 Smith / Kellogg  14 November 1688Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5707 Schirado 
69 Smith / Smith  26 October 1698Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F77626 Schirado 
70 Stillman / Smith  about 1686Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5709 Schirado 
71 Taylor / Gillett  9 February 1694Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F5117 Schirado 
72 Temple / Thompson  7 September 1760Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F23725 Schirado 
73 Warner /   18 November 1795Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F109675 Schirado 
74 Warner / Bartlett  25 December 1729Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F109702 Schirado 
75 Warner / Bellows  5 July 1748Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F109424 Schirado 
76 Warner / Boltwood  31 May 1666Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F18879 Schirado 
77 Warner / Church  7 May 1723Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F109621 Schirado 
78 Warner / Nash  24 January 1693/4Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F109429 Schirado 
79 Warner / Phelps  9 July 1772Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F108453 Schirado 
80 Warner / Selden  20 May 1741Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F109673 Schirado 
81 Warriner / Baldwin  31 March 1664Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F6632 Schirado 
82 Westcar / Barnard  17 October 1667Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F3875 Schirado 
83 White / Crafts  3 February 1709Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F9976 Schirado 
84 White / Crow  1 November 1661Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F58045 Schirado 
85 White / Warner  2 June 1737Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F109618 Schirado 
86 White / Welles  7 July 1687Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts F106098 Schirado 
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