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Kittery, York County, Maine



Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Deliverance  about 1676Kittery, York County, Maine I63558 Schirado 
2 Abbot, Mary  1707Kittery, York County, Maine I161853 Schirado 
3 Alcock, Abigail  about 1674Kittery, York County, Maine I16799 Schirado 
4 Bray, Joanna  8 May 1687Kittery, York County, Maine I79268 Schirado 
5 Brown, Hannah  29 June 1713Kittery, York County, Maine I75396 Schirado 
6 Brown, Rebecca  15 August 1711Kittery, York County, Maine I16833 Schirado 
7 Deering, Clement  about 1680Kittery, York County, Maine I90770 Schirado 
8 Deering, Sarah  9 January 1656/7Kittery, York County, Maine I90769 Schirado 
9 Emery, Elizabeth  24 or 27 November 1687Kittery, York County, Maine I24060 Schirado 
10 Emery, Job  about 1670Kittery, York County, Maine I90605 Schirado 
11 Emery, Sarah  about 1660Kittery, York County, Maine I16327 Schirado 
12 Emery, Zachariah  about 1660Kittery, York County, Maine I121501 Schirado 
13 Emery, Zachariah  5 October 1690Kittery, York County, Maine I89574 Schirado 
14 Fernald, Elizabeth  17 August 1674Kittery, York County, Maine I90771 Schirado 
15 Graves, Dorothy  about 1684Kittery, York County, Maine I4359 Schirado 
16 Gubtail, Nathaniel  20 May 1713Kittery, York County, Maine I88052 Schirado 
17 Heard, Ann  ca 1661/1664Kittery, York County, Maine I88621 Schirado 
18 Hicks, John  about 1690Kittery, York County, Maine I65901 Schirado 
19 Hicks, Capt. Joseph  about 1691Kittery, York County, Maine I65899 Schirado 
20 Hutchins, Meribah  about 1703Kittery, York County, Maine I81068 Schirado 
21 Jordan, Sarah  about 1698Kittery, York County, Maine I135250 Schirado 
22 Manson, John  28 May 1705Kittery, York County, Maine I120761 Schirado 
23 Maverick, Abigail  about 1651Kittery, York County, Maine I1717 Schirado 
24 Mitchell, Christopher  about 1663Kittery, York County, Maine I104714 Schirado 
25 Mitchell, William  Kittery, York County, Maine I15769 Schirado 
26 Nason, Benjamin  about 1652Kittery, York County, Maine I51444 Schirado 
27 Nason, Joseph  about 1655Kittery, York County, Maine I79599 Schirado 
28 Newcomb, Andrew  about 1680Kittery, York County, Maine I36201 Schirado 
29 Newcomb, Mary  about 1672Kittery, York County, Maine I98294 Schirado 
30 Newcomb, Thomas  about 1668Kittery, York County, Maine I121218 Schirado 
31 Newmarch, Mary  about 1705Kittery, York County, Maine I1169 Schirado 
32 Remick, Sarah  16 July 1663Kittery, York County, Maine I82565 Schirado 
33 Scammon, Mary  about 1682Kittery, York County, Maine I81669 Schirado 
34 Skillings, Elizabeth  25 April 1713Kittery, York County, Maine I24092 Schirado 
35 Skillings, Elizabeth  24 December 1713Kittery, York County, Maine I66477 Schirado 
36 Small, Capt. Daniel  about 1697Kittery, York County, Maine I10611 Schirado 
37 Small, Joseph  about 1696Kittery, York County, Maine I153278 Schirado 
38 Stone, Margaret  6 October 1678Kittery, York County, Maine I63319 Schirado 
39 Thompson, Alexander  about 1671Kittery, York County, Maine I135012 Schirado 
40 Thurston, David  about 1689Kittery, York County, Maine I155372 Schirado 
41 Tozer, Simon  ca 1665/1670Kittery, York County, Maine I85745 Schirado 
42 Treworgy, John  1 June 1696Kittery, York County, Maine I90610 Schirado 
43 Trundy, Elizabeth  about 1692Kittery, York County, Maine I3049 Schirado 
44 Warren, Gilbert  about 1657Kittery, York County, Maine I16326 Schirado 


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abbot, Joseph  1726Kittery, York County, Maine I161854 Schirado 
2 Andrews, Sarah  November 1732Kittery, York County, Maine I99699 Schirado 
3 Beedle, Robert  Kittery, York County, Maine I102711 Schirado 
4 Curtis, Anne  1720Kittery, York County, Maine I135011 Schirado 
5 Curtis, Joseph  about 1706Kittery, York County, Maine I135000 Schirado 
6 Deering, Clement  about 1742Kittery, York County, Maine I90770 Schirado 
7 Eveleth, Rev. John  2 February 1733/4Kittery, York County, Maine I89618 Schirado 
8 Fernald, Elizabeth  2 June 1745Kittery, York County, Maine I90771 Schirado 
9 Harvey, Mary  5 March 1721/2Kittery, York County, Maine I80824 Schirado 
10 Heard, Ens. James  Kittery, York County, Maine I88622 Schirado 
11 Ingersoll, John  27 September 1714Kittery, York County, Maine I82247 Schirado 
12 Jenkins, Jabez  2 November 1697Kittery, York County, Maine I135005 Schirado 
13 Love, William  15 December 1687Kittery, York County, Maine I63500 Schirado 
14 Mitchell, Christopher  April 1688Kittery, York County, Maine I99698 Schirado 
15 Nason, Alice  4 October 1726Kittery, York County, Maine I161855 Schirado 
16 Newmarch, Rev. John  15 January 1754Kittery, York County, Maine I80823 Schirado 
17 Rice, Moses  1734Kittery, York County, Maine I136220 Schirado 
18 Robinson, John  1771Kittery, York County, Maine I135249 Schirado 
19 Staples, Peter  7 April 1719Kittery, York County, Maine I104818 Schirado 
20 Stone, Daniel  23 April 1713Kittery, York County, Maine I87027 Schirado 
21 Thompson, Alexander  13 July 1720Kittery, York County, Maine I135012 Schirado 
22 Thompson, William  22 June 1676Kittery, York County, Maine I114017 Schirado 
23 Woodman, Mary  about 1742Kittery, York County, Maine I82584 Schirado 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family/Spouse    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Ingersoll / Gunnison  2 December 1666Kittery, York County, Maine F54665 Schirado 
2 Jenkins / Curtis  8 December 1678Kittery, York County, Maine F89407 Schirado 
3 Mitchell / Dudley  1694Kittery, York County, Maine F68831 Schirado 
4 Newmarch / Harvey  5 December 1699Kittery, York County, Maine F53920 Schirado 
5 Remington / Trundy  13 June 1712Kittery, York County, Maine F2179 Schirado 
6 Robinson / Jordan  10 December 1722Kittery, York County, Maine F89597 Schirado 
7 Sabin / Cole  22 June 1732Kittery, York County, Maine F106534 Schirado 
8 Skillings / Haley  25 December 1702Kittery, York County, Maine F17581 Schirado 
9 Tarbox / Emery  5 May 1709Kittery, York County, Maine F945 Schirado 
10 Tenney / Ingersoll  29 December 1726Kittery, York County, Maine F85318 Schirado 
11 Wainwright / Redford  30 April 1712Kittery, York County, Maine F3702 Schirado 
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