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Massachusetts, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 //  Massachusetts, USA I2743 Koster 
2 ?  Massachusetts, USA I1785 Marvin 
3 ALLEN, Dorothy  08 April 1659Massachusetts, USA I00055 P-043 
4 ALLEN, Reuben  18 October 1762Massachusetts, USA P4435 Resh 
5 Arnold, Abigail  1786Massachusetts, USA P9983 Resh 
6 Babcock, James Densmore  1823Massachusetts, USA I7 B-046 
7 Baker, Sarah  25 April 1815Massachusetts, USA I22 K-017 
8 Barrett, Sarah S.  Massachusetts, USA I36 K-032 
9 Billings, Ebenezer  about 1661Massachusetts, USA I26 B-086 
10 BROOKS, Bathsheba  1655Massachusetts, USA I00191 P-044 
11 BUFFINGTON, Celia  26 August 1762Massachusetts, USA I00096 P-044 
12 Burnett, Andrew  Massachusetts, USA I34 M-073 
13 Burnett, Lois  23 June 1810Massachusetts, USA I31 M-073 
14 Carr, William Truman  Massachusetts, USA I7 C-001 
15 Case, John  about 1789Massachusetts, USA I26 S-024 
16 Chapin, Julia Eliza  11 April 1803Massachusetts, USA I101 M-057 
17 Corkins or Calkins, Warriner  between 6 January 1792 and 1793Massachusetts, USA I17 H-037 
18 Darling, Ephraim  7 February 1791Massachusetts, USA I64 C-043 
19 Davis, William R.  Massachusetts, USA I9 L-028 
20 Edson, Abijah  16 August 1793Massachusetts, USA I9338 Koster 
21 FINNEY, Lydia  1750Massachusetts, USA P1916 Resh 
22 Frence, Mercy  1631Massachusetts, USA I60 H-009 
23 Fuller, Daniel  1774Massachusetts, USA I1 S-080 
24 FULLER, Perley  1789Massachusetts, USA I00037 P-026 
25 Gammons, Hannah  28 February 1766Massachusetts, USA I122 D-052 
26 Gammons, John  between 08 April and October 1745Massachusetts, USA I717 D-052 
27 Gragg, Robert Stone  1811Massachusetts, USA I8917 Marvin 
28 Hall, Hannah  Massachusetts, USA I420 D-052 
29 Harrison, Mary Ann  Massachusetts, USA I22 F-006 
30 Hatch, Burrell  1795Massachusetts, USA I20 H-003 
31 Huldok, Ruth  1793Massachusetts, USA I155 B-093 
32 Hull, Rowland  11 July 1799Massachusetts, USA I27 A-024 
33 Kibbe, Elizabeth (Betsey)  5 November 1789Massachusetts, USA I3773 Marvin 
34 Kibbe Kibbey, Edward (unconf. relation)  about 1775Massachusetts, USA I3770 Marvin 
35 Kibbe Kibbey, Janes (unconf. relation)  about 1779Massachusetts, USA I3769 Marvin 
36 Loomis, Daniel  10 October 1749Massachusetts, USA I25 M-059 
37 Loomis, Israel  18 January 1784Massachusetts, USA I16 M-059 
38 Marshall, Abigail  12 June 1798Massachusetts, USA I12 K-017 
39 Miles, Sarah  11 February 1787Massachusetts, USA I24 K-017 
40 Morey, Sarah  1760Massachusetts, USA I12331 Koster 
41 Oliver, Abraham  3 January 1799Massachusetts, USA I6 O-002 
42 Potter, Roxanna or Roxania  6 January 1790Massachusetts, USA I15 D-002 
43 Proctor, David  5 March 1808Massachusetts, USA I7427 Marvin 
44 Proctor, Horatio Aaron Jr  14 May 1810Massachusetts, USA I7426 Marvin 
45 Reed  Massachusetts, USA P5058 Resh 
46 Rich, Lovina  1798Massachusetts, USA I25 C-055 
47 ROGERS, Abigail  1640Massachusetts, USA I00198 P-044 
48 Rowe, Edward F.  28 December 1854Massachusetts, USA I7 P-035 
49 Shattuck, Stephen  1802Massachusetts, USA I18 H-012 
50 Skinner, Nelson  9 December 1789Massachusetts, USA I4 S-036 
51 Tilson, Hannah  3 June 1713Massachusetts, USA I37 D-052 
52 Vincent, Sarah  30 May 1814Massachusetts, USA I8916 Marvin 
53 Wade, Marvin R  23 March 1814Massachusetts, USA I4 F-013 
54 WALKER, James  1674Massachusetts, USA I00089 P-044 
55 Way, Joel  1821Massachusetts, USA I45 H-053 
56 Wells, Martha  about 1804Massachusetts, USA I16 F-026 
57 WHEELER, James  1664Massachusetts, USA I00211 P-044 
58 Whitcomb, Benjamin  1737Massachusetts, USA I46 M-059 
59 White, Samuel  28 December 1791Massachusetts, USA I11 K-017 
60 Williams  Massachusetts, USA I1781 Marvin 
61 [--?--], Rhoda  about 1788Massachusetts, USA I29 S-024 
62 {--?--}, Lorana  about 1 November 1820Massachusetts, USA I38 M-057 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bachiller, Deborah  Massachusetts, USA I76 H-046 
2 Brewster, William  1644Massachusetts, USA I65 H-046 
3 BROOKS, Gilbert  1695Massachusetts, USA I00192 P-044 
4 Brown, Rebecca  Massachusetts, USA I300 D-052 
5 BURT, James  1705Massachusetts, USA I00155 P-044 
6 COLVIN, John  28 November 1729Massachusetts, USA I00054 P-043 
7 DAGGETT, Hopestill  11 January 1798Massachusetts, USA I00099 P-044 
8 Eames, Anthony  6 October 1686Massachusetts, USA I685 D-052 
9 ELWELL, Hannah  1732Massachusetts, USA I00053 R-046 
10 Freeman, Edmund Sr.  1682Massachusetts, USA I67 H-046 
11 Gammons, Hannah  13 October 1796Massachusetts, USA I122 D-052 
12 Gammons, John  3 September 1765Massachusetts, USA I717 D-052 
13 Gorham, John  Massachusetts, USA I5 N-004 
14 Greene, Timothy  1780Massachusetts, USA I106 D-052 
15 Isaac, Elizabeth  before June 1690Massachusetts, USA I380 D-052 
16 JEPSON, Thomas  7 December 1871Massachusetts, USA I157 M-074 
17 Miles, Sarah  15 October 1857Massachusetts, USA I24 K-017 
18 NASH, Elizabeth  1680Massachusetts, USA I00195 P-044 
19 Norton, Nicolas  before June 1690Massachusetts, USA I3 D-052 
20 Nye, Isa Bandy  24 August 1862Massachusetts, USA I135 D-052 
21 RICHMOND, Sarah  1737Massachusetts, USA I00090 P-044 
22 ROGERS, Abigail  1727Massachusetts, USA I00198 P-044 
23 SANDERSON, Patience  1753Massachusetts, USA I00032 R-006 
24 SIMMONS, Elizabeth  1687Massachusetts, USA I00193 P-044 
25 SIMMONS, Thomas  1682Massachusetts, USA I00194 P-044 
26 Tilson, Ephraim Jr.  Massachusetts, USA I127 D-052 
27 TISDALE, John  1675Massachusetts, USA I00271 P-044 
28 Towne, Susanna  1678Massachusetts, USA I63 B-093 
29 WALKER, James  1749Massachusetts, USA I00089 P-044 
30 Westgate, Jonathan  Massachusetts, USA I624 D-052 
31 Westgate, Obed  27 October 1856Massachusetts, USA I45 D-052 
32 WHEELER, James  1753Massachusetts, USA I00211 P-044 
33 WHEELER, John  1670Massachusetts, USA I00213 P-044 
34 YEOMANS, Ann  1662Massachusetts, USA I00214 P-044 
35 [--?--], Elizabeth  14 February 1676Massachusetts, USA I68 H-046 
36 [--?--], Elizabeth  between 29 January 1694 and 1695Massachusetts, USA I66 H-009 
37 {--?--}, Anna  17 August 1665Massachusetts, USA I00156 P-044 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Broom, Mahalia Alice "Aley" Ali Alley  14 February 1822Massachusetts, USA I2925