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New York, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ackerman, David  1 April 1681New York, New York I95814 Schirado 
2 Ackerman, Johannes  about 1684New York, New York I108525 Schirado 
3 Aertszen, Aert  about February 1674New York, New York I72651 Schirado 
4 Aertszen, Aert  about November 1675New York, New York I22060 Schirado 
5 Aertszen, Elbert  about May 1683New York, New York I72653 Schirado 
6 Aertszen, Elbert  about June 1684New York, New York I22057 Schirado 
7 Aertszen, Evert  about November 1690New York, New York I72650 Schirado 
8 Aertszen, Hercules  about December 1678New York, New York I72652 Schirado 
9 Aertszen, Johannes  about September 1686New York, New York I22063 Schirado 
10 Aertszen, Maryken  about July 1688New York, New York I22193 Schirado 
11 Aertszen, Willem  about October 1676New York, New York I22059 Schirado 
12 Aertszen, Wyntie  about September 1681New York, New York I22058 Schirado 
13 Algeo, Alice Villet  14 November 1876New York, New York I183207 Schirado 
14 Andriesse, Jannetje  about 1678New York, New York I95328 Schirado 
15 Astor, Henry  4 July 1830New York, New York I115104 Schirado 
16 Astor, William Backhouse  19 September 1792New York, New York I115133 Schirado 
17 Bant, Johannes  29 March 1676New York, New York I124286 Schirado 
18 Beekman, Catharina  about July 1698New York, New York I71324 Schirado 
19 Blanck, Susanna  1736New York, New York I178186 Schirado 
20 Blauvelt, Gerrit  about August 1680New York, New York I71969 Schirado 
21 Blauvelt, Hendrick Gerritsen  about 1654New York, New York I21096 Schirado 
22 Blauvelt, Isaac  1690New York, New York I38397 Schirado 
23 Blauvelt, Joseph Hendrickse  about 1687New York, New York I100555 Schirado 
24 Blauvelt, Marritje  about 1685New York, New York I38395 Schirado 
25 Bogart, Hendrick  18 March 1705New York, New York I108675 Schirado 
26 Breestede, Hercules  about October 1679New York, New York I22050 Schirado 
27 Breestede, Jan  about January 1678New York, New York I22051 Schirado 
28 Breestede, Maria  about November 1681New York, New York I22054 Schirado 
29 Breestede, Petrus  about February 1684New York, New York I22061 Schirado 
30 Breyant, Antie Pieterse  September 1671New York, New York I71779 Schirado 
31 Bros, Maritie  8 April 1716New York, New York I21925 Schirado 
32 Conkling, Frederick Augustus  21 April 1852New York, New York I106814 Schirado 
33 Cool, Hendrik  about 1699New York, New York I115244 Schirado 
34 Cornell, Hannah  1760New York, New York I78458 Schirado 
35 Cranckheyt, Annatie Sybout  about March 1684New York, New York I21091 Schirado 
36 Cranckheyt, Herck  about April 1670New York, New York I21088 Schirado 
37 Cranckheyt, Hilletie  about April 1668New York, New York I22039 Schirado 
38 Cranckheyt, Jan  about November 1689New York, New York I21092 Schirado 
39 Cranckheyt, Joseph  about October 1681New York, New York I21773 Schirado 
40 Cranckheyt, Margaret  about August 1689New York, New York I21778 Schirado 
41 Cranckheyt, Maritje Sybouts  about October 1672New York, New York I21008 Schirado 
42 Cranckheyt, Weyntie  about March 1675New York, New York I22044 Schirado 
43 Cranckheyt, Weyntje Syboutsen  about May 1680New York, New York I20518 Schirado 
44 Cranckheyt, Wyntie  about September 1680New York, New York I21775 Schirado 
45 Cranckheyt, Wyntje Herrickse  about March 1684New York, New York I20486 Schirado 
46 de Key, Agnietie  about July 1670New York, New York I21769 Schirado 
47 de Key, Jacobus Jacobsen  about November 1672New York, New York I22360 Schirado 
48 de Key, Janneken  about November 1665New York, New York I22069 Schirado 
49 de Key, Johannes  about July 1668New York, New York I22040 Schirado 
50 de Key, Johannes  about April 1679New York, New York I21767 Schirado 
51 de Key, Maria  about January 1675New York, New York I22043 Schirado 
52 de Key, Rachel  about August 1680New York, New York I21768 Schirado 
53 de Key, Rachel  about September 1686New York, New York I22064 Schirado 
54 de Key, Samuel  about April 1678New York, New York I22047 Schirado 
55 de Key, Samuel  about December 1682New York, New York I21774 Schirado 
56 De Witt, Marietje  about November 1698New York, New York I9173 Schirado 
57 Dean, Mary  September 1845New York, New York I156136 Schirado 
58 Demarest, Magdalene Samuelse  about 1680New York, New York I95269 Schirado 
59 De Grauw, Cornelia  about September 1701New York, New York I95178 Schirado 
60 De Grauw, Cornelis  about 1697New York, New York I96452 Schirado 
61 De Grauw, Hendrick  about March 1684New York, New York I96614 Schirado 
62 De Grauw, Johannes  1747New York, New York I147379 Schirado 
63 De Grauw, Maria  1751New York, New York I147381 Schirado 
64 De Grauw, Walter  1749New York, New York I147380 Schirado 
65 De Groot, Geesje  about January 1676New York, New York I37648 Schirado 
66 De Lange, Arie  4 February 1705New York, New York I21954 Schirado 
67 De Mill, Petrus  October 1661New York, New York I108414 Schirado 
68 Doremus, Sarah Louise  20 July 1856New York, New York I106815 Schirado 
69 Dyckman, Anneke  about 1731New York, New York I143990 Schirado 
70 Falckner, Anna Catharina  17 July 1718New York, New York I20458 Schirado 
71 Fluyt, Jannetje Dircks  about 1674New York, New York I62976 Schirado 
72 Fowler, George W.  September 1841New York, New York I185857 Schirado 
73 Garner, Ella Louise  June 1851New York, New York I155808 Schirado 
74 Gerow, Benjamin  New York, New York I72415 Schirado 
75 Haring, Abraham Jans  21 November 1681New York, New York I21974 Schirado 
76 Haring, Brechje  19 January 1693New York, New York I100531 Schirado 
77 Haring, Brechje Jans  1675New York, New York I38205 Schirado 
78 Haring, Pieter Janszen  13 August 1664New York, New York I71572 Schirado 
79 Harty, Johannes  7 October 1679New York, New York I96007 Schirado 
80 Haus, Johannes  about March 1726New York, New York I4227 Schirado 
81 Heermanse, Geesje  about 1689New York, New York I20216 Schirado 
82 Hellaker, Aefje  about March 1702New York, New York I100616 Schirado 
83 Hoppe, Annatje  about December 1725New York, New York I108977 Schirado 
84 Hoppe, Claaesje  about January 1734New York, New York I108982 Schirado 
85 Hoppe, Jacob  about April 1731New York, New York I108981 Schirado 
86 Hoppe, Paulus  about August 1728New York, New York I108979 Schirado 
87 Hoppe, Reynier  about January 1723New York, New York I108973 Schirado 
88 Hopper, Maria  about 1770New York, New York I117373 Schirado 
89 Hopper, Mattheus  2 May 1742New York, New York I108906 Schirado 
90 Hopper, Matthias Paulus  about March 1720New York, New York I108923 Schirado 
91 Hunt, Sarah  about 1673New York, New York I21959 Schirado 
92 Jegers, Wanda Antoinette  23 August 1924New York, New York I160531 Schirado 
93 Ketchum, Landon  December 1841New York, New York I183892 Schirado 
94 Kip, Abraham  about June 1719New York, New York I95587 Schirado 
95 Kip, Anna  April 1711New York, New York I95581 Schirado 
96 Kip, Benjamin  about August 1678New York, New York I95560 Schirado 
97 Kip, Catharina  25 January 1671New York, New York I95557 Schirado 
98 Kip, Catharina  February 1717New York, New York I95585 Schirado 
99 Kip, Dirck  about December 1704New York, New York I95577 Schirado 
100 Kip, Hendrick  about February 1669New York, New York I95555 Schirado 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Judith  November 1694New York, New York I33865 Schirado 
2 Allaire, Seaman  30 July 1852New York, New York I119295 Schirado 
3 Armstrong, Margaret Rebecca  1872New York, New York I115134 Schirado 
4 Astor, William Backhouse  24 November 1875New York, New York I115133 Schirado 
5 Baldwin, Carl R.  2 September 2004New York, New York I113128 Schirado 
6 Beekman, Cornelia  April 1679New York, New York I100331 Schirado 
7 Blanck, Abraham  23 August 1766New York, New York I185796 Schirado 
8 Bogardus, Willem  1711New York, New York I99651 Schirado 
9 Brown, William  27 August 1776New York, New York I116734 Schirado 
10 Chesebrough, Eliza  August 1870New York, New York I49800 Schirado 
11 Cook, Abigail  21 December 1803New York, New York I17450 Schirado 
12 Cornell, Hannah  25 December 1818New York, New York I78458 Schirado 
13 Cornell, Samuel  1 January 1781New York, New York I87763 Schirado 
14 Cornwell, Richard  15 June 1757New York, New York I34877 Schirado 
15 Cushing, Matthew  8 January 1779New York, New York I133302 Schirado 
16 de Key, Jacob Theuniszen  19 March 1690New York, New York I21765 Schirado 
17 De Grauw, Gerrit  28 April 1762New York, New York I108670 Schirado 
18 De Mill, Petrus  about 1729New York, New York I108414 Schirado 
19 De Mill, Sara  February 1727New York, New York I95502 Schirado 
20 Dix, Edwin Augustus Asa  24 August 1911New York, New York I110113 Schirado 
21 Doty, Samuel William  30 January 1933New York, New York I113123 Schirado 
22 Dyckman, Anneke  about 1800New York, New York I143990 Schirado 
23 Ellis, Maria  10 June 1745New York, New York I95619 Schirado 
24 Ernst, Maria Regina  6 November 1789New York, New York I148228 Schirado 
25 Fluyt, Dirck Evertszen  about 1685New York, New York I62977 Schirado 
26 Foster, Rev. Benjamin  1798New York, New York I128686 Schirado 
27 Gibbs, Ruth  25 February 1824New York, New York I104262 Schirado 
28 Harty, Lea  17 February 1755New York, New York I72423 Schirado 
29 Hildreth, Maria  22 October 1772New York, New York I185722 Schirado 
30 Hoppe, Paulus  30 May 1740New York, New York I108927 Schirado 
31 Hoppe, Willem  30 May 1740New York, New York I108908 Schirado 
32 Hopper, Jellis  5 August 1827New York, New York I144000 Schirado 
33 Hopper, Johannes  2 August 1819New York, New York I143994 Schirado 
34 Hopper, Mattheus  2 April 1776New York, New York I108906 Schirado 
35 Hopper, Wessel  between 18 October 1777 and 12 October 1778New York, New York I143993 Schirado 
36 Horn, John  29 July 1815New York, New York I144005 Schirado 
37 Kemper, John Jacob  14 August 1794New York, New York I148227 Schirado 
38 Ketchum, Amos  22 December 1835New York, New York I118124 Schirado 
39 Kierstede, Dr. Hans  before 17 August 1666New York, New York I96119 Schirado 
40 Kierstede, Lucas  1702New York, New York I95552 Schirado 
41 Kimball, John  3 February 1702New York, New York I120252 Schirado 
42 Kip, Abraham  before 30 November 1720New York, New York I95548 Schirado 
43 Kip, Benjamin  1702New York, New York I95560 Schirado 
44 Kip, Dirck  1790New York, New York I95577 Schirado 
45 Kip, Hendrick  about 1698New York, New York I95555 Schirado 
46 Kip, Isaac  8 April 1750New York, New York I95501 Schirado 
47 Kip, Johannes  about October 1704New York, New York I95545 Schirado 
48 Kip, Petrus  28 August 1686New York, New York I95559 Schirado 
49 Kip, Petrus  13 November 1749New York, New York I95566 Schirado 
50 Kip, Samuel  13 November 1748New York, New York I95561 Schirado 
51 Lawrence, John  1699New York, New York I34887 Schirado 
52 Ledyard, Lucretia  2 July 1846New York, New York I21212 Schirado 
53 Lent, Maria  29 March 1846New York, New York I164628 Schirado 
54 LeRoy, Herman  13 March 1841New York, New York I78457 Schirado 
55 LeRoy, Jacob  3 January 1793New York, New York I78461 Schirado 
56 LeRoy, Jacob  24 February 1847New York, New York I5968 Schirado 
57 LeRoy, Robert  7 February 1845New York, New York I78459 Schirado 
58 Losee, Lavinia H.  20 June 1891New York, New York I155811 Schirado 
59 Marcy, Irene Rinda  8 March 1967New York, New York I113122 Schirado 
60 Meyer, Maryken  28 April 1774New York, New York I147378 Schirado 
61 Morley, John  31 August 1766New York, New York I77704 Schirado 
62 Munsell, Alexander Ector Orr  March 1983New York, New York I14707 Schirado 
63 Olpherts, Shuart  before December 1702New York, New York I22237 Schirado 
64 Otis, Charlotte Downs  26 November 1851New York, New York I5967 Schirado 
65 Parke, Edward  1 March 1745New York, New York I17972 Schirado 
66 Penny, Mary Coroline  23 May 1924New York, New York I48792 Schirado 
67 Pikes, Pieternella  about 1662New York, New York I100328 Schirado 
68 Popinga, Maria Lauwrens  5 December 1760New York, New York I185797 Schirado 
69 Preston, Ralph Julius  25 October 1919New York, New York I113130 Schirado 
70 Rathbone, John  13 March 1843New York, New York I49777 Schirado 
71 Rathbone, Keturah  22 March 1842New York, New York I29034 Schirado 
72 Roelofs, Sarah  before 21 October 1693New York, New York I96120 Schirado 
73 Ryckman, Margrietje  19 October 1740New York, New York I95572 Schirado 
74 Sears, Capt. Stephen  7 May 1791New York, New York I151472 Schirado 
75 Shattuck, Sarah Cushman  12 November 1919New York, New York I2475 Schirado 
76 Shattuck, William  2 April 1807New York, New York I114748 Schirado 
77 Sheffield, Mary  January 1840New York, New York I49791 Schirado 
78 Shuart, Olfert  April 1711New York, New York I80330 Schirado 
79 Sirinka, Antonie  21 January 1899New York, New York I185827 Schirado 
80 Slot, Jan Pietersen  about 1704New York, New York I95294 Schirado 
81 Slot, Jonas  29 May 1759New York, New York I95296 Schirado 
82 Slot, Pieter Jansen  1688New York, New York I22022 Schirado 
83 Stanton, George  27 October 1809New York, New York I79905 Schirado 
84 Stanton, Mary  10 October 1815New York, New York I79904 Schirado 
85 Steynmets, Johanna  18 September 1702New York, New York I71770 Schirado 
86 ten Waert, Agnietie Gillis  after 1670New York, New York I100325 Schirado 
87 Thompson, Caroline  12 June 1926New York, New York I183324 Schirado 
88 Thwing, Charles  27 May 1859New York, New York I16930 Schirado 
89 Thwing, John Chamberlain  19 February 1855New York, New York I16934 Schirado 
90 Todd, John Reynard  12 May 1945New York, New York I78106 Schirado 
91 Trinka, Josef  20 November 1917New York, New York I185826 Schirado 
92 Vanderbeek, Coenradus  before 9 January 1707New York, New York I96021 Schirado 
93 Van Buren, Dr. Johannes  27 July 1755New York, New York I147377 Schirado 
94 Van Cleef, Jan  1698New York, New York I96745 Schirado 
95 Van Deusen, Abraham  29 August 1728New York, New York I185768 Schirado 
96 Van Deusen, Abraham  21 March 1729New York, New York I185755 Schirado 
97 Van Deusen, Abraham  11 April 1733New York, New York I185770 Schirado 
98 Van Deusen, Abraham  10 December 1759New York, New York I109304 Schirado 
99 Van Deusen, Isaac  10 March 1756New York, New York I100598 Schirado 
100 Van Deusen, Philip  3 November 1757New York, New York I178185 Schirado 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hopper, Wessel  7 October 1731New York, New York I143977 Schirado 
2 Westervelt, Femmitje  19 March 1728New York, New York I96069 Schirado 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ackerman, Johannes  16 April 1684New York, New York I108525 Schirado 
2 Andriesse, Jannetje  28 August 1678New York, New York I95328 Schirado 
3 Bankert, Maria  25 March 1691New York, New York I80316 Schirado 
4 Banta, Jacob Hendrickse  26 November 1679New York, New York I95177 Schirado 
5 Beekman, Catharina  17 July 1698New York, New York I71324 Schirado 
6 Bennet, Engeltje Adrianse  26 July 1685New York, New York I96075 Schirado 
7 Blauvelt, Dirckje Huyberse  3 April 1687New York, New York I108495 Schirado 
8 Blauvelt, Gerrit  21 August 1680New York, New York I71969 Schirado 
9 Bogardus, Blandina  13 September 1680New York, New York I109305 Schirado 
10 Bogardus, Everadus  4 December 1675New York, New York I109301 Schirado 
11 Bogardus, Lucretia  14 September 1678New York, New York I109303 Schirado 
12 Bogardus, Maria  14 September 1678New York, New York I109302 Schirado 
13 Bon, Catrina  28 September 1718New York, New York I96168 Schirado 
14 Bosch, Hendrick  25 June 1699New York, New York I108644 Schirado 
15 Brevoort, Jannetje Janse  9 April 1679New York, New York I95044 Schirado 
16 Brevoort, Maritje  12 November 1673New York, New York I96391 Schirado 
17 Breyant, Gertruy  8 November 1673New York, New York I71889 Schirado 
18 Brinckerhoff, Dirck Hendrickse  7 February 1677New York, New York I71911 Schirado 
19 Cadmus, Thomas Fredericksen  28 August 1675New York, New York I108449 Schirado 
20 Cool, Hendrik  9 April 1799New York, New York I115244 Schirado 
21 Delanoy, Abraham  21 November 1686New York, New York I5433 Schirado 
22 Delanoy, Jan  1 November 1719New York, New York I21896 Schirado 
23 Demarest, Magdalene Samuelse  21 April 1680New York, New York I95269 Schirado 
24 De Grauw, Arent  23 August 1704New York, New York I108722 Schirado 
25 De Grauw, Catherine  19 November 1701New York, New York I108653 Schirado 
26 De Grauw, Cornelia  14 September 1701New York, New York I95178 Schirado 
27 De Grauw, Cornelia  5 December 1705New York, New York I108673 Schirado 
28 De Grauw, Gerrit  6 October 1703New York, New York I108670 Schirado 
29 De Grauw, Gyssbertje  23 July 1710New York, New York I108677 Schirado 
30 De Grauw, Hendrickje  4 June 1699New York, New York I108714 Schirado 
31 De Grauw, Johannes  14 July 1717New York, New York I108681 Schirado 
32 De Grauw, Johannes  21 June 1747New York, New York I147379 Schirado 
33 De Grauw, Maria  31 July 1751New York, New York I147381 Schirado 
34 De Grauw, Walter  27 August 1699New York, New York I95326 Schirado 
35 De Grauw, Walter  22 June 1749New York, New York I147380 Schirado 
36 De Mill, Petrus  12 October 1661New York, New York I108414 Schirado 
37 Diedricks, Abraham  12 December 1714New York, New York I96321 Schirado 
38 Dyckman, Wyntje  16 July 1735New York, New York I143995 Schirado 
39 Eckerson, Thomas Corneliszen  3 March 1706New York, New York I23235 Schirado 
40 Fluyt, Jannetje Dircks  3 October 1674New York, New York I62976 Schirado 
41 Folkert, Ariaantje  21 August 1650New York, New York I143987 Schirado 
42 Haring, Cornelis  10 April 1672New York, New York I72331 Schirado 
43 Heermanse, Geesje  30 June 1689New York, New York I20216 Schirado 
44 Hellaker, Aefje  18 March 1702New York, New York I100616 Schirado 
45 Hennion, Johannes D.  1 January 1693New York, New York I95693 Schirado 
46 Hoff, Leendert  30 October 1709New York, New York I20946 Schirado 
47 Hoppe, Annatje  1 December 1725New York, New York I108977 Schirado 
48 Hoppe, Claaesje  1 January 1734New York, New York I108982 Schirado 
49 Hoppe, Jacob  25 April 1731New York, New York I108981 Schirado 
50 Hoppe, Johannes  26 February 1744New York, New York I160558 Schirado 
51 Hoppe, Maria  12 February 1749New York, New York I160561 Schirado 
52 Hoppe, Maritje A.  19 June 1717New York, New York I108931 Schirado 
53 Hoppe, Paulus  18 August 1728New York, New York I108979 Schirado 
54 Hoppe, Paulus  14 June 1747New York, New York I160559 Schirado 
55 Hoppe, Reynier  23 January 1723New York, New York I108973 Schirado 
56 Hoppe, Reynier  14 June 1747New York, New York I160560 Schirado 
57 Hopper, Andrew  27 February 1736New York, New York I143998 Schirado 
58 Hopper, Annatje  10 October 1725New York, New York I143978 Schirado 
59 Hopper, Elisabeth  25 March 1739New York, New York I143980 Schirado 
60 Hopper, Jacomyntje  1 February 1736New York, New York I143984 Schirado 
61 Hopper, Johannes  26 May 1734New York, New York I143994 Schirado 
62 Hopper, Mathew  25 December 1728New York, New York I143991 Schirado 
63 Hopper, Matthias Paulus  13 March 1720New York, New York I108923 Schirado 
64 Hopper, Wessel  6 November 1728New York, New York I143977 Schirado 
65 Hopper, Wessel  6 February 1732New York, New York I143993 Schirado 
66 Hopper, Wessel  31 December 1732New York, New York I143983 Schirado 
67 Hunt, Sarah  29 November 1673New York, New York I21959 Schirado 
68 Hybon, Jan  2 June 1692New York, New York I96169 Schirado 
69 Kierse, Jan  19 March 1727New York, New York I80328 Schirado 
70 Kip, Abraham  7 June 1719New York, New York I95587 Schirado 
71 Kip, Anna  8 April 1711New York, New York I95581 Schirado 
72 Kip, Benjamin  28 August 1678New York, New York I95560 Schirado 
73 Kip, Catharina  10 February 1717New York, New York I95585 Schirado 
74 Kip, Dirck  20 December 1704New York, New York I95577 Schirado 
75 Kip, Hendrick  14 February 1669New York, New York I95555 Schirado 
76 Kip, Hendricus  21 March 1703New York, New York I95576 Schirado 
77 Kip, Isaac  1 October 1693New York, New York I95499 Schirado 
78 Kip, Jacobus  27 November 1714New York, New York I95584 Schirado 
79 Kip, Johannes  20 January 1669New York, New York I95543 Schirado 
80 Kip, Johannes  14 December 1712New York, New York I95583 Schirado 
81 Kip, Nicolaes  26 July 1721New York, New York I95588 Schirado 
82 Kip, Petrus  26 December 1709New York, New York I95580 Schirado 
83 Kip, Samuel  15 November 1682New York, New York I95561 Schirado 
84 Kip, Sarah  6 October 1706New York, New York I95578 Schirado 
85 Kuyper, Johannes Claesen  30 September 1674New York, New York I96127 Schirado 
86 Lansing, Gertrud  14 May 1721New York, New York I12552 Schirado 
87 Marny, Francis  6 April 1707New York, New York I95582 Schirado 
88 Masten, Lysbeth  3 June 1657New York, New York I22618 Schirado 
89 Men, Abraham  2 August 1721New York, New York I185746 Schirado 
90 Men, Annatje  9 December 1719New York, New York I185745 Schirado 
91 Men, Annatje