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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arminta Dionas  8 April 1862Virginia I186853 Schirado 
2 Catharine  about 1810Virginia I160994 Schirado 
3 Jane  about 1813Virginia I147178 Schirado 
4 Mary Elizabeth  about 1806Virginia I152420 Schirado 
5 Sarah  about 1802Virginia I107787 Schirado 
6 Akers, Blackburn  about 1730Virginia I160947 Schirado 
7 Akers, Blackburn  about 1770Virginia I169743 Schirado 
8 Akers, Greenberry Blackburn  February 1814Virginia I176744 Schirado 
9 Akers, Jacob  about 1810Virginia I185963 Schirado 
10 Akers, Jacob David  about 1772Virginia I186427 Schirado 
11 Akers, Jonathan  29 May 1757Virginia I169732 Schirado 
12 Akers, William J.  about 1786Virginia I161004 Schirado 
13 Alderson, Rachel  1771Virginia I1623 H-018 
14 Alexander, James West  6 January 1865Virginia I158878 Schirado 
15 Altizer, Edmundson  4 October 1830Virginia I186378 Schirado 
16 Altizer, Elizabeth  6 March 1805Virginia I169737 Schirado 
17 Altizer, John W.  about 1810Virginia I160963 Schirado 
18 Altizer, Susannah  27 September 1802Virginia I160962 Schirado 
19 Amos, Hannah  14 January 1756Virginia I186459 Schirado 
20 Anderson, William  Virginia I152371 Schirado 
21 Bellamy, Hezekiah  about 1806Virginia I187177 Schirado 
22 Black, Charlotte Francis  31 May 1805Virginia I187499 Schirado 
23 Brown, Margaret  about 1823Virginia I186838 Schirado 
24 Buster, Claudius  about 1788Virginia I187512 Schirado 
25 Buster, Dorcas Eveline  about 1798Virginia I187467 Schirado 
26 Buster, Elizabeth  about 1790Virginia I187508 Schirado 
27 Buster, James J.  26 February 1797Virginia I187519 Schirado 
28 Buster, John Woods  13 December 1782Virginia I187514 Schirado 
29 Buster, Michael  6 May 1798Virginia I187498 Schirado 
30 Buster, Susan  about 1796Virginia I187500 Schirado 
31 Buster, Virginia  about 1784Virginia I187454 Schirado 
32 Byrd, Jane  15 October 1780Virginia I187460 Schirado 
33 Byrd, Nancy Ann  7 October 1781Virginia I187464 Schirado 
34 Byrd, Richard  about 1717Virginia I187442 Schirado 
35 Cannon, Louisa  about 1831Virginia I147185 Schirado 
36 Carpenter, Joseph  1793Virginia I151002 Schirado 
37 Carver, John C.  1800Virginia I151271 Schirado 
38 Christian, Drucilla  about 1763Virginia I188154 Schirado 
39 Clendenin, Elizabeth  28 August 1785Virginia I187725 Schirado 
40 Cloyd, Joseph  10 March 1794Virginia I2023 H-018 
41 Cobbs, John Poindexter  27 May 1785Virginia I78148 Schirado 
42 Cowan, Robert  about 1746Virginia I158479 Schirado 
43 Croft, Mattie Belle  19 October 1884Virginia I164638 Schirado 
44 Cunningham, Margery  about 1800Virginia I162452 Schirado 
45 Davidson, Abednago  about 1759Virginia I179926 Schirado 
46 Delaney, Rachel  about 1775Virginia I171657 Schirado 
47 Delong, Elizabeth Ann  24 March 1834Virginia I108780 Schirado 
48 Delong, Ormond  about 1785Virginia I183365 Schirado 
49 Dove, Elizabeth  about 1763Virginia I125044 Schirado 
50 Dulaney, Miriam A.  about 1808Virginia I161062 Schirado 
51 Dulaney, William  about 1774Virginia I184797 Schirado 
52 Duncan, Thomas Crockett  about 1780Virginia I180824 Schirado 
53 Elkins, Lydia  about 1786Virginia I161005 Schirado 
54 Fetter, Della Louise  about 1900Virginia I7992 Marvin 
55 Foster, William  about 1765Virginia I187538 Schirado 
56 Gannaway, Parmelia Ann  3 August 1798Virginia I169741 Schirado 
57 Gastineau, Job  about 1784Virginia I187510 Schirado 
58 Gates, George Washington  about 1793Virginia I179503 Schirado 
59 Gates, Richard  September 1822Virginia I161044 Schirado 
60 Gilliam, Sallie Davis  6 April 1874Virginia I149413 Schirado 
61 Glendening, James  about 1795Virginia I157995 Schirado 
62 Goff, W. Rose  1904Virginia I160154 Schirado 
63 Goodman, Littlebery  about 1800Virginia I156482 Schirado 
64 Grabill, Anna  August 1851Virginia I164686 Schirado 
65 Gragg, Mary  about 1765Virginia I158494 Schirado 
66 Graham, Elizabeth  about 1810Virginia I160998 Schirado 
67 Green, Elizabeth  1819Virginia I18 S-024 
68 Halbert, Martha Jane  5 February 1843Virginia I176781 Schirado 
69 Halbert Holbert, John  1765Virginia I9234 Marvin 
70 Harden, Lewis  3 June 1789Virginia I18827 Schirado 
71 Harper, John  about 1794Virginia I118707 Schirado 
72 Harrell, Frances Jane  about 1838Virginia I109889 Schirado 
73 Heim, Zurviah Sue  about 1809Virginia I171030 Schirado 
74 Hendricks, Olive  7 January 1814Virginia I179483 Schirado 
75 Hensley, John A.  about 1821Virginia I146927 Schirado 
76 Hite, Abram  about 1790Virginia I12663 Koster 
77 Hoff, Daniel  27 November 1804Virginia I97674 Schirado 
78 Hope, Mourning  about 1760Virginia I187507 Schirado 
79 Howard, Ruth  about 1776Virginia I186428 Schirado 
80 Howery, Florence G.  about 1892Virginia I169861 Schirado 
81 Hubbard, Jane  17 August 1807Virginia I9404 Marvin 
82 Hubbard Halbert Houbert Haubert Holbert, Nicholas  1802Virginia I9402 Marvin 
83 Hubbard Halbert Houbert Haubert Holbert, Phoebe  17 September 1785Virginia I9242 Marvin 
84 Huff, James  about 1804Virginia I126240 Schirado 
85 Jackson  Virginia I114185 Schirado 
86 James, Elsa Simpson  November 1856Virginia I106925 Schirado 
87 Johnson, Mariah  about 1869Virginia I151897 Schirado 
88 Johnson, Sarah Jane  6 February 1833Virginia I92769 Schirado 
89 Jones, Sarah  about 1729Virginia I187491 Schirado 
90 Kessler, Elizabeth Ethel  6 July 1828Virginia I175729 Schirado 
91 Kimbrough, John  1802Virginia I500001 LindaGuth 
92 Lett, Sarah W.  about 1812Virginia I187178 Schirado 
93 Ligon, Ann  24 June 1765Virginia I152349 Schirado 
94 Ligon, Joseph  1786Virginia I152338 Schirado 
95 Ligon, Richard  29 June 1773Virginia I152350 Schirado 
96 Ligon, Sarah  about 1706Virginia I152363 Schirado 
97 Ligon, Susanna  about 1745Virginia I152342 Schirado 
98 Ligon, William  Virginia I152340 Schirado 
99 Ligon, William  8 August 1790Virginia I152335 Schirado 
100 Lucy, William Edward  about 1824Virginia I152079 Schirado 

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Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Altizer, Elizabeth  25 January 1859Virginia I52970 Schirado 
2 Campbell, Margaret  1764Virginia I1607 H-018 
3 Cloyd, John  1764Virginia I1609 H-018 
4 Garst, Carherine Margaret  before June 1809Virginia I157772 Schirado 
5 Halbert Houbert Haubert Holbert, Peter  after 1787Virginia I9236 Marvin 
6 Hatch, William  about 1654Virginia I5605 Schirado 
7 Jones, Sarah  about 1810Virginia I187491 Schirado 
8 Lucy, William Edward  May 1863Virginia I152079 Schirado 
9 Lyford, Rev. John  about 1628Virginia I9836 Schirado 
10 Slusher, Susanna  after 1860Virginia I52978 Schirado 
11 Smith, Robert  about 1750Virginia I500091 LindaGuth 
12 Starr, Robert