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Appledore,Kent Co.,England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ASHBEE, Annie  about 1861Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6241 Marcia Shears 
2 ASHBEE, Charles  31 May 1823/1825Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3545 Marcia Shears 
3 ASHBEE, Henry  March 1842Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3552 Marcia Shears 
4 ASHBEE, James  about 1867Appledore,Kent Co.,England I5099 Marcia Shears 
5 ASHBEE, John  about 1830Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3549 Marcia Shears 
6 ASHBEE, Joseph R.  about 1863Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6242 Marcia Shears 
7 ASHBEE, Kate E.  about 1865Appledore,Kent Co.,England I5098 Marcia Shears 
8 ASHBEE, Mabel Blanche  about 1874Appledore,Kent Co.,England I5100 Marcia Shears 
9 ASHBEE, Mary  about 1837Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3551 Marcia Shears 
10 ASHBEE, Mary  about 1860Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6240 Marcia Shears 
11 BOURNE, Thomas  about 1780Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6536 Marcia Shears 
12 LAW, Albert  March 1863Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6260 Marcia Shears 
13 LAW, Charles  about 1874Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6266 Marcia Shears 
14 LAW, Edwin  about 1830Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6243 Marcia Shears 
15 LAW, Edwin  December 1858Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6258 Marcia Shears 
16 LAW, Edwin  about 1888Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6278 Marcia Shears 
17 LAW, Frances J.  about 1856Appledore,Kent Co.,England I5137 Marcia Shears 
18 LAW, Henry  about 1858Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6257 Marcia Shears 
19 LAW, John  June 1867Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6263 Marcia Shears 
20 LAW, Laura  June 1864Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6261 Marcia Shears 
21 LAW, Mary  1838Appledore,Kent Co.,England I5089 Marcia Shears 
22 LAW, Thomas  24 June 1872Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6265 Marcia Shears 
23 LAW, William  March 1860Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6259 Marcia Shears 
24 RIDDLES, Angelina  about 1863Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6311 Marcia Shears 
25 RIDDLES, Florance  about 1867Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6312 Marcia Shears 
26 RIDDLES, Fredrick James  about 1859Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6310 Marcia Shears 
27 RIDDLES, Helena Jane  1859Appledore,Kent Co.,England I5105 Marcia Shears 
28 RIDDLES, Mary Ann  about 1853Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6592 Marcia Shears 
29 RIDDLES, Thomas Clarence  1864Appledore,Kent Co.,England I5106 Marcia Shears 
30 RIDDLES, William  about 1870Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6313 Marcia Shears 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  5 December 1882Appledore,Kent Co.,England I5136 Marcia Shears 
2 Mary Ann  26 November 1848Appledore,Kent Co.,England I5138 Marcia Shears 
3 ASHBEE, Charles  3 January 1848Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3545 Marcia Shears 
4 ASHBEE, Richard John  19 March 1849Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3543 Marcia Shears 
5 BOURNE, Elizabeth  26 December 1775Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6493 Marcia Shears 
6 BOURNE, Thomas  1 November 1780Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6536 Marcia Shears 
7 BOURNE, William  April 1813Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6495 Marcia Shears 
8 BROWN, Burren  23 February 1887Appledore,Kent Co.,England I5135 Marcia Shears 
9 BROWN, Celia  17 October 1887Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3542 Marcia Shears 
10 EVENDEN, Eleanor  6 September 1826Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6535 Marcia Shears 
11 LAW, Edwin  about 1877Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6243 Marcia Shears 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 ASHBEE, Henry  23 June 1842Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3552 Marcia Shears 
2 ASHBEE, Mary  16 April 1837Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3551 Marcia Shears 
3 RIDDLES, Mary Ann  23 March 1853Appledore,Kent Co.,England I6592 Marcia Shears 


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  1881Appledore,Kent Co.,England I5136 Marcia Shears 
2 ASHBEE, Celia Ann  1841Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3550 Marcia Shears 
3 ASHBEE, Celia Ann  1851Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3550 Marcia Shears 
4 ASHBEE, Charles  1841Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3545 Marcia Shears 
5 ASHBEE, Edmund  1841Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3548 Marcia Shears 
6 ASHBEE, Henry  1851Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3552 Marcia Shears 
7 ASHBEE, John  1841Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3549 Marcia Shears 
8 ASHBEE, Joseph  1841Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3546 Marcia Shears 
9 ASHBEE, Joseph  1851Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3546 Marcia Shears 
10 ASHBEE, Joseph  1861Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3546 Marcia Shears 
11 ASHBEE, Joseph  1871Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3546 Marcia Shears 
12 ASHBEE, Mary  1841Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3551 Marcia Shears 
13 ASHBEE, Mary  1861Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3551 Marcia Shears 
14 ASHBEE, Mary  1871Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3551 Marcia Shears 
15 ASHBEE, Mary  1881Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3551 Marcia Shears 
16 ASHBEE, Mary  1901Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3551 Marcia Shears 
17 ASHBEE, Richard John  1841Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3543 Marcia Shears 
18 BROWN, Burren  1881Appledore,Kent Co.,England I5135 Marcia Shears 
19 BROWN, Celia  1841Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3542 Marcia Shears 
20 BROWN, Celia  1851Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3542 Marcia Shears 
21 BROWN, Celia  1861Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3542 Marcia Shears 
22 BROWN, Celia  1881Appledore,Kent Co.,England I3542 Marcia Shears 
23 LAW, Frances J.  1861Appledore,Kent Co.,England I5137 Marcia Shears 
24 LAW, Frances J.  1871Appledore,Kent Co.,England I5137 Marcia Shears 
25 LAW, Mary  1861Appledore,Kent Co.,England I5089 Marcia Shears 
26 LAW, Mary  1871Appledore,Kent Co.,England I5089 Marcia Shears 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family/Spouse    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 DAWKINS / LAW  20 February 1895Appledore,Kent Co.,England F2390 Marcia Shears 
2 PELLETT / LAW  about 1890Appledore,Kent Co.,England F2393 Marcia Shears 
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