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BARTHOLOMEW Leander Biography

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  • Title BARTHOLOMEW Leander Biography 
    Short Title BARTHOLOMEW Leander Biography 
    Publisher From "History of the Western Reserve," Volume II, by Harriet Taylor Upton [The Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910], p.p. 837-838.  
    Source ID S1246 
    Text LEANDER BARTHOLOMEW, of Harpersfield, is a native of Harpersfield township, born January 16, 1824, a mile and a half south of Geneva. He is a son of Benjamin D. and Lovina [Potter] Bartholomew, both natives of Vermont. Benjamin D. Bartholomew came to Ohio with his father when two years of age; they came from Buffalo on the ice, landing north of Cowle's creek, March 3, 1800, p.m., and camped there over night. The father had to wade out, and lead the horses over the gap between the ice and shore, on a bridge made of sleigh boxes. In the morning the ice was gone across the lake. The father, Daniel, was a son of Joseph Bartholomew. Daniel Bartholomew was routed out to go to Sandusky with others to head off the British but sent his son Benjamin, although at the time he was but fourteen years of age; the father was a very fleshy man. Benjamin went to Sandusky and came back at once, thinking the British had returned to Canada, but they had not. One boy of the party, Enoch Barnum, had his left arm and part of his nose shot off by the accidental discharge of a gun.

    The Bartholomew family settled on the Harpersfield road, and Daniel, who died in middle life, when his son Benjamin was but sixteen years of age, was buried in the old burying ground. Benjamin Bartholomew spent the last years of his life in Geneva, and was helpless the last year before his death. He died at the age of eighty-four years, and his house is the present home of his son Leander. His wife, who was born in 1800, came to Buffalo with her parents when twelve years of age, and twelve years later they came to Harpersfield, to the old Clyde furnace. She died at the age of seventy-eight years. They had three sons and four daughters, namely: Lemuel D., a merchant living at Charlevoix, Michigan; Mary Edilla Dikeman, now aged eighty-two years, lives at Geneva; Leander, of Harpersfield; and Dexter, Elzada, Lovisa and Lovina.

    Leander Bartholomew is a public-spirited citizen, and interested in public affairs. He married, at the age of twenty-four years, Calphurina, adopted daughter of Judge Jonathan Gregory, who at the time of her marriage was nineteen years old, and they had six children, of whom only two are now living. Mrs. Bartholomew died March 7, 1909, after living with her husband sixty-one years, and they lived on the farm now occupied him for fifty-eight years. The oldest child to die was William, who was twenty-one years of age. Valda R. lives at South Bend, Indiana, and Hattie married William Beeman and resides with her father. Mr. and Mrs. Beeman have five children, namely: Nina, wife of Ralph Tyler, of Geneva; Clara, wife of Charles Robinson, of Geneva; Calphurina, Luella and Leander.

    Leander Bartholomew is the oldest person now living in Harpersfield who was born there, and has outlived all other male members of the family except Colonel Riley, who died at the age of ninety years. He has seen and can remember seven generations of his family, from his great-grandfather and great-grandmother Potter to his own great-grandchildren, and also seven generations on his father's side as well. At one time the Bartholomew family owned a large part of Harpersfield, but now owned a large part of Harpersfield, but now there are only a few of the family living in the vicinity. Mr. Bartholomew has been a Republican since the inception of the party, as was his father and son. He has never been in enjoyment of very robust health, but has ever been temperate in his habits, never has used tobacco, and but very little liquor. For fifty years he has not failed to be up in the morning in time to see the sun rise. He is a man of intelligence and good judgment, and his conversation is interesting to all; he has many experiences and reminiscences well worth listening to.

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    Family/Spouse: Leander BARTHOLOMEW / Calphurnia GREGORY 

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    • Transcribed by Becky Falin.

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