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SUTTON Burials in Mt Albion Cemetery

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  • Title SUTTON Burials in Mt Albion Cemetery 
    Short Title SUTTON Burials in Mt Albion Cemetery 
    Source ID S1668 
    Text Mt. Albion Cemetery - "S" Surnames
    Route 31
    Town of Albion, Orleans County, New York

    * SUTTON, ALICE E. ROGERS; born: 1864; died: DEC 4, 1941; p.o.d. ALBION, NY; Comments: 2ND WIFE OF DR. JOHN E., DAU OF REV. LEWIS ROGERS; Lot # 1006 ORCID
    * SUTTON, JOHN EDWARD MD.; born: FEB 27, 1856; died: APR 17, 1941; p.o.d. ALBION, NY; Comments: HUS OF LIZ BRUNER & ALICE ROGERS, SON OF THOMAS SUTTON & KITTY BROWN; Lot # 1006 ORCID
    * SUTTON, KITTY BROWN; born: MAY 24, 1818; died: APR 3, 1918; p.o.d. CARLTON, NY; Comments: 'MOTHER', WIFE OF THOMAS, DAU OF JOHN BROWN & KITTY WHITE; Lot # 1685 CLOVR
    * SUTTON, LIZZIE BRUNER; born: 1859; died: MAR 7, 1901; p.o.d. ALBION, NY; Comments: 1ST WIFE OF DR. JOHN EDWARD SUTTON, DAU OF H.A. BRUNER & MARIA PITTARD; Lot # 1006 ORCID
    * SUTTON, THOMAS IRVING; born: JAN 21, 1898; died: NOV 21, 1898; p.o.d. ALBION, NY; Comments: SON OF DR. JOHN E. SUTTON & LIZZIE BRUNER; Lot # 1006 ORCID 
    Linked to Kitty BROWN
    Lizzie Post BRUNER
    Maria PITTARD
    Alice ROGERS
    John Edward SUTTON, M.D.
    Thomas SUTTON
    Kitty WHITE 

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