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 #   Repository ID   Name   Tree 
1 R2  LindaGuth 
2 REPO21 Allen County Library Marcia Shears 
3 REPO2 Ancestry.com Marcia Shears 
4 R-2142877919 Ancestry.com Resh 
5 R9 ancestry.com Pat Wenzel 
6 R-2146220938 Ancestry.com AmyLinde 
7 R70 Ancestry.com Haskins 
8 R1 Ancestry.com LindaGuth 
9 R16 Ancestry.com Koster 
10 R10 Ancestry.com Haskins 
11 R5 Ancestry.com Koster 
12 R18 Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Haskins 
13 R68 Archives of Michigan Haskins 
14 R12 Baltimore, Maryland Haskins 
15 R10 Barry County Pat Wenzel 
16 R51 Barry County Recorder's Office Haskins 
17 REPO7 Belcrest Memorial Park, Mausoleum and Cemetery Marcia Shears 
18 R77 Brant County Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society, Brantford, 1987. Haskins 
19 R11 Brown Funeral Home Haskins 
20 R48 Brown, Treman, and Christiansen Funeral Home Haskins 
21 R2 Calvin College Archives Koster 
22 R28 Capt. John Mullan Museum Pat Wenzel 
23 R22 Cattaraugus County Court House Haskins 
24 R24 Cattaraugus County Historical Museum and Research Library Haskins 
25 R23 Cattaraugus Court House, Little Valley Haskins 
26 R75 Chester County Pennsylvania Archives Haskins 
27 R63 Circuit Court 8th Judicial District Haskins 
28 R9 Circuit Court of Montgomery Co., MD Haskins 
29 R84 Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Maryland, United States Haskins 
30 R79 Clark County Auditor's Office Haskins 
31 R88 Clerk of Court Haskins 
32 R30 Court House Haskins 
33 R19 Court House - Muskegon Co., Michigan Haskins 
34 R-2143229817 DAR Genealogical Research Database Resh 
35 R21 Eastern Star State of Idaho Archives Pat Wenzel 
36 R2 Eastern States Office, Bureau of Land Management Haskins 
37 R11 Facebook Koster 
38 R-1393406443 Facebook AmyLinde 
39 R67 Fairfax County Library, Virginia Room Haskins 
40 R3 Family Haskins 
41 REPO18 Family History Library Marcia Shears 
42 REPO14 Family History Library Marcia Shears 
43 R21 Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah Haskins 
44 R73 FamilySearch Haskins 
45 R27 familysearch.org Pat Wenzel 
46 REPO24 familysearch.org Marcia Shears 
47 R57 Flint Genealogical Society Haskins 
48 R17 Flint, Genesee Co., Michigan Haskins 
49 REPO5 Genealogy.com Marcia Shears 
50 REPO6 genealogylibrary.com Marcia Shears 
51 R49 Genesee County Recorder's Office Haskins 
52 R16 Genesee County, Michigan Haskins 
53 R12 Grand Haven Public Library Koster 
54 R5 Grand Rapids Library Pat Wenzel 
55 REPO19 Grand Rapids Michigan Public Library Marcia Shears 
56 R8 Grand Rapids Public Library Koster 
57 R34 Grand Rapids Public Library Haskins 
58 R69 Grand Traverse County Recorder Haskins 
59 R29 Gratiot County Clerk Haskins 
60 R47 Halthi Trust Haskins 
61 REPO22 Historical Data System Inc. Marcia Shears 
62 R55 Historical Data Systems, Inc. Haskins 
63 R-2143233701 Holly A Resh RINGLE Resh 
64 R76 https://www.fold3.com Haskins 
65 R72 Hurst Funeral Home Haskins 
66 R-2143119198 IGI Resh 
67 R44 Ingham County Recorder's Office Haskins 
68 R20 Ionia County Clerk's Office Haskins 
69 R14 Ionia County Michigan GenWeb Pat Wenzel 
70 R-1698009186 iOS Application Resh 
71 R6 iOS Application Koster 
72 R71 Isabella County Recorder's Office Haskins 
73 R31 Jackson County Recorders Office Haskins 
74 R74 Joseph Boyle III MD Haskins 
75 R26 Kent County Clerk Haskins 
76 R37 Kent County Clerk Pat Wenzel 
77 R36 Kent County GenWeb Pat Wenzel 
78 REPO20 Kent County Michigan Marcia Shears 
79 R6 Kent County Recorder's Office Haskins 
80 R33 Lapeer County Recorder's Office Haskins 
81 R-2141255702 LDS Resh 
82 R32 LDS church Pat Wenzel 
83 REPO10 LDS Family History Library in GR Marcia Shears 
84 REPO1 LDS Family History Library in Utah Marcia Shears 
85 R25 Lenawee County Courthouse Haskins 
86 R58 Library of Congress Haskins 
87 R38 Library of Michigan Haskins 
88 REPO8 Library of Michigan Marcia Shears 
89 R53 Livingston County Recorder's Office Haskins 
90 R10 Loutit District Public Library Koster 
91 R35 MARDOS Memorial Library Livingston County MI Haskins 
92 R60 Maryland State Department of Health Haskins 
93 REPO4 Message Boards at RootsWeb Marcia Shears 
94 R27 Michigan Department of Community Health Haskins 
95 R47 Michigan Genealogical Death Indexing System Pat Wenzel 
96 R3 Missaukee County Clerk Koster 
97 R15 Missaukee County Library Koster 
98 R41 Monroe County Courthouse Haskins 
99 R5 Montcalm County Court House Haskins 
100 R15 Mulcahy family descendents Haskins 

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