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How to submit your data to this database

If you are a WMGS Member, you can submit your data to us to have it published on this site, where it can act as "cousin bait" so that others researching their ancestors might also find your ancestors, and so be able to make a connection to you.

To submit your data to this site, you can send a GEDCOM file to DataMaster@wmgs.org. It is best to compress the GEDCOM file before attaching it to the eMail.

If you don't know how to create a GEDCOM file, check the Help settings for your software, or ask Google

  • If you have the option, you should use UTF-8 as the character set for the export - particularly if you have accented or "foreign" characters in your names and place names

Some notes about how the site works:

  • Information about Living people is suppressed from display online - provided that there is a birthdate present for the people concerned so that the software can determine that they are Living - i.e. born less than 110 years ago, and no death date present;
  • If you suppress information about Living people from the GEDCOM file export, so that there are no birthdates listed, then the website software won't know people are alive and will show their name if that's what you included in the GEDCOM file;
  • Your data will be loaded into a unique "tree" on the site, so it will sit alongside all the other "trees" that are present (currently more than 700);
  • You will be shown as the "owner" of the data in your tree, and anyone that finds something of interest to them will be able to contact you directly by eMail;
  • You will be able to update information on your tree by sending a new GEDCOM file that will replace ALL of the data you currently have online


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